Windows 7 Windows7 7127 problems


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hello to all:)

i am having a problem

installed win7 7127 x64 few days ago and now i am having some problems,so every few hours i get BSOD
sometimes i get quota underflow messge and sometimes systems_service_exception....

i thought maybe overclock is unstable but when i put all to stock same thing

they have told me that i have downloaded fake version of 7127:confused: but i dont know how to check it....

please help;)
My suggestion would be to NOT use these interim RTM builds.. They have NO significant changes from the RC and are not ment to be used by the general public.. ;) All they contain are small bug fixes, nothing more really..

I would suggest reinstalling the RC (7100) (CLEAN INSTALL).. ;) And refrain from using the leaked RTM builds.. As far as the 'fake' 7127, it's possible.. that's a risk you take when downloading torrents..