Windows 7 windows7 and windows home server

yup - and real well. you still need to install the software as normal, but the librarys work real well with newtowrk files, and so does the sync center (well happy it all works correctly!). This is with me using buld 7000.
What if anything did you do to get yours working?
I installed 7 over a working Vista Ultimate image and all seemed fine for a few days then BSOD at random times viewing shares. There is no apparent cause in the BSOD message. Its so random. Ive had WHS sessions without issues and others BSOD the moment i click a folder to view files. I tried removing WHS from add/remove and put it back on but still issues. Im not sure where to grab latest software either. Ive looked and none found other than through update.
i did nothing at all.. worked like a charm straight away... i tested it firstly after doing an upgrade from vista home premium to 7, and after a fresh install of 7. powerpack 1 was already fully installed, and i used the software downloaded directly from the server rather then the old one and upgrading. could be the reason? only slight glitch i've found is when you use "available offline" sync on windoiws 7, it takes a while for the directory to re-connect (even after all the others work no problem!). few glitches found so far but overall i think i will be one of the first load of people to actually buy it!
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