Woman being prepared for burial comes back to life

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    [​IMG] Doctors declared Maria das Dores dead on Dec 22

    5:51PM GMT 26 Dec 2010

    Maria das Dores was a few hours from being buried alive when an official noticed she was still breathing.

    The 88-year-old was rushed back to the same hospital who had earlier declared her dead.

    Officials in Brazil have now launched an investigation into how medical chiefs failed to realise the woman was alive and not dead when they sent her body for burial.

    She had been brought to the hospital in the town of Ipatinga suffering from blocked arteries. She also suffered from Alzheimer's and was bedridden.

    Doctors declared her dead on Dec 22 after noticing she had no vital signs

    Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/southamerica/brazil/8225844/Woman-being-prepared-for-burial-comes-back-to-life.html
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    Wow ! That is a great story . A very scary place to be pronounced dead ! She may have just been the lucky one ?

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