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I noticed a few days ago that Take2k are working on a FPS remake of X-COM series thats apparently going to have the strategy elements too.. (I'm thinking Fallout 3 style pause n select combat maybe :cool:).

For anyone that doen't know the series, Microprose's X-COM was originally a series of fantastic "action point" based strategy games from the mid 1990's, Aliens invade the Earth in UFOs etc and the X-COM defence network investigate and elimate threats, nick alien tech and modify for human use, along with a shed load of base building and equipment micromanaging.

Anyone who grew up on Spectrums and C64s will also recall the earlier titles that paved its ways such as "Laser Squad" or "Rebelstar Raiders" or my favoured forbear "Lords of Chaos" which dumped high-tech for mythology. Although the XCOM sequels came in the forms of "Terror from the deep" and the graphically poor but far superior "Apocalypse"... the series pretty much got binned after the atrocious space flight game and the even worse 3rd person shooter.

In more recent times another developer tried to recapture the flavour with the XCOM series including "UFO Aftermath", "UFO Aftershock", "UFO Afterlight", and "UFO Extraterrestrials", and while these were ok they didn't have the same appeal to me personally... it was like the soul of the XCOM series just wasn't there.

Believe it or not the first game "XCOM - UFO:Enemy Unknown" was the reason I dumped my Amigas and got into the whole PC scene in the first place, it really was THAT good, well in 1993 I first had it on my pimped Amiga 1200 with its huge 200mb hard drive, but found the old 16bit Amiga was in its autumn days by then so I jumped to a Intel rig with a whopping pentium 75mhz and trident video card (most of my mates having Dx66 rigs or Amiga a600's at the time), it wasn't long with titles like Doom and Duke Nukem that converted me for life to all things PC.

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