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Jan 11, 2016
Hey I somewhat know about tech and stuff but right now I am I struggling with a seemingly unfixable problem. I want to be able to join party chat and join a game and have a good connection to my friends to play Black Ops 3 on my Xbox one. The only source of internet in our dorms run through a single modem and have a single Ethernet connecter in my dorm. I have tried calling the IT here and asking him to open ports that deal with skype because I didn't think he would help at all if I told him I needed help gaming. I have learned that I need to have access to ports such as UDP: 3075 and TCP: 3075. I am open to spending any sort of money to either buy a router but I did that last semester and the same NAT setting came up and I still couldn't talk to my friends. I am willing to do whatever it takes and hope someone can help. I heard VPN could help or something.
Xbox chat should be able to traverse NAT just fine. It's much more likely that your dorm is blocking some of the required ports for the chat feature to work. A VPN might work, but then again the dorm IT may also block ports for many types of VPNs. A SSL VPN has the best chance of working since they typically use port 443 which is the same as https.
Yes I've heard that a VPN would help where do I go to find out how to set that up. And like I said I'm not very knowledgable about this stuff so I'd need some simple steps haha. Really appreciate your help
Here a some choices for VPN services some of which are free. The Best Free VPN Services for 2015 The nice thing with the service based VPNs is they are simple to setup. They typically only require signing up for an account and installing their VPN client. Launch the client and login and your done. I would try some of the free VPNs first to see if they are able to connect through your dorms network and if they work possibly going with a paid service for better speeds/reliability. You have SSL/TLS, L2TP, PPTP and IPSec VPNs try one that uses a different protocol if you are unable to connect. Like I say before an SSL/TLS VPN has the best chance of working.
NAT doesn't exist on the Xbox, it's only on a router which your dorm IT controls
The whole reason I made this post was to fix the NAT Strict on my xbox one. When I am at home it says NAT OPEN and I have no problem gaming
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