XP Hard Drive not working in Vista

Hi, Please advice me, I try to install 2nd hard drive in my HP Windows Vista machine. I took 500GB 2nd hard Drive from my old XP Machine and hookup
in Vista machine first it didn't find any hard drive then I use disk management utlity and I can see hard drive but it ask me to run Fdisk before I can use. Now I dont want to loose data and is there any way I can use XP hard drive in Vista Computer? My XP computer is NTFS.
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If i was you, i would just hook the XP hard drive back up to your old XP machine, and back up everything to another source if at all possible. Then install it and if possible again, try to set it to run in XP compatibility.
(the hard drives name>>properties>>compatibility)

If not, just use the Fdisk, and reload all of your stuff on to it afterward.

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Thanks for your reply, but you know Vista is not getting popularity because of that kind of limitations

If you could post your motherboard specs we can supply you with the host serial ata controller in order for setup to interface with the disk.Once you have that downloaded and added you can get a copy of VistaBootPRO - Go PRO with Microsoft Windows Vista Boot Manager
which will give you the options of choice to envoke bootmgr (Vista's boot manager) for winload.exe (Vista boot loader) or NTLDR Legacy bootloader which will entitle you to select at boot up which operating system you need to boot into. Once setup just always make a new Vista restore point after booting up to XP as the procedure erases all Vista restore points.

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