XP Mode

Long story short - I installed win7 and it's running flawlessly so far.

XP Mode works too. Sort of. Whenever i try to copy something from win7 to XP (basically, xp drivers for my laptop) it just freezes indefinately. Whats up with that?

I'll try copying the files to a USB flashdrive and then copy it to the XP by simply copying off the flashdrive instead of the clipboard, but that seems as a lame workaround.

So I'm here looking for answers to two questions
1) Is this a known bug? XP Mode hanging whenever I try to copy a folder to it? (Note that it might contain a few x64 drivers, not quite sure about that).
In fact, if i have those items in my clipboard, simple right-clicking in XP will cause it to freeze (well, not freeze but stall indefinately and going *really* slow) Restarting the VM doesn't fix this, the bug is easily reproduced... and hardly avoided.

2) Does XP mode need drivers of it's own? I'm guessing it's a separated kernel and as such, it would make sense to use it's own drivers. But because of the integration, it might be using win7 drivers?

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