Yahoo Releases a New Toolbar (P.S. It's Broken

I hate all these toolbars.. I could never bring myself to use any of them.. ;)


Cooler King
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Must admit, most I never even think of using . Do use a Google tool bar though, handy :)


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Although I don't use any now, I don't consider Google to be too bad, but yes, Yahoo Toolbar sucks.:)


Cooler King
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Yahoo sucks even more till they get it to work with windows 7 :rolleyes: View attachment 1243

I have'd Google, XFire, and MSN toolbars and they all worked fine. Well... MSN one kind goes psycho every a while. The butterfly starts moving around the toolbar. I looked that up and it was just a bug but it was the weridest but funniest thing ever. I kept it cause of that.


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I wasnt aware people willingly installed those toolbars. I always try to catch those spyware things before they get on my system.

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