Windows 7 ZTE MF680 for Windows 8

Jozsef Hajnal

New Member
Nov 10, 2012
Please send me driver!
OS.: Windows 8
Hardware.: ZTE MF680 (Hungary, Telenor)

It is important to me!
Thank you!

I checked through the instructions which say this:

Connecting to Your Computer
Plug the retractable USB of the modem to the USB port of your computer. Make sure that it is
tightly inserted.
If your PC runs a Windows operating system, it will automatically detect and recognize the modem
and display a new icon in the taskbar, indicating that the PC and the modem have been connected
Software Installation
On different operating systems, the software installation procedures may be different. Please
follow the general guide below and the system prompts during installation.
For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
When you connect the modem to your PC correctly, the system automatically recognizes the
modem as a new CD-ROM drive and launch the software installation wizard. If the system does
not launch the installation wizard automatically, please start it by running the executable file in
the new CD-ROM directory

Have you tried the above even though Windows 8 isn't mentioned?

I have the same problem whit Win 8 and ZTE MF680. I tried a lot of thing but i don't have solution. The funny thing that i have a much older modem from huawei and it works whit 8. But it is a lot slower so i am waiting for the Zte MF 680 WIN 8 driver......
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