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    nvlddmkm.sys 3d driver BSOD

    i dont know if you can read my replies at sysnative, but I only can see the first seven posts, so I will be viewing your replies thru gmail... and now also its not letting me post replies, its telling me that my submission expired, and to reload the page sorry for posting a similar message...
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    nvlddmkm.sys 3d driver BSOD

    hello sir I have uploaded my file: file - Sysnative Forums I have a windows 7x64bit (Ultimate) I actually had win-7 home premium pre-installed with a verified activation code, but after I upgraded to ultimate, my windows was exposed to not being genuine, so I had to use some tools to fix...
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    nvlddmkm.sys 3d driver BSOD

    hello everyone I have an NVidia gpu driver I think its gt-350m in my laptop, and also I have a built-in 3D-IR which connects to the 3D glasses emitter... now the main problem is that when I switch on the 3d a BSOD suddenly appears with an error saying " PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA" by...
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    Windows 7 get red alert 2 to work on multithreaded pcs

    hello everybody I have a laptop with a processor i7-740qm (4 cores- 8 threads) it is rated 1.73ghz, and I am trying to play red alert 2 on my windows 7. as I have noticed that the game runs very slowly, so the question is how can I run these old games like red alert to work on a multi threaded...
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    hELLO EVERYONE This is my first post,and i wish if you could help me fix a problem i created by mistake... I have a windows 7 on my toshiba laptop, and i instaled ubuntu on the same partitionas windows... and now it is not like a dual boot, but when the ubuntu starts it gives abt 5 sec to...
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    Windows 7 unmountable boot volume blue screen problem

    ok i have encountared the exact same problem (unmountable boot volume, black screen + mouse cursor, etc).... but i have found a solution for those people who do not want to format, remove or replace the harddrive 1-First put the windows installation disc inside your computer, and set the...