Windows 7 get red alert 2 to work on multithreaded pcs


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hello everybody I have a laptop with a processor i7-740qm (4 cores- 8 threads) it is rated 1.73ghz, and I am trying to play red alert 2 on my windows 7.

as I have noticed that the game runs very slowly, so the question is how can I run these old games like red alert to work on a multi threaded processor, and not only a single processor. is there an application that helps or is there a plugin for this game that also supports this feature for better performance.


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Playing old games on a new computer may be a difficulty. The basic try would be to run it in a compatibility mode with an earlier Windows viz. 98 perhaps, but my experiences, mainly with the game Descent, haven't proved successful.

Normally, the game running slow shouldn't be the problem, the problem should be that the game runs at utmost hyper speed. You can see the system requirements in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - System Requirements - allgame, and yours are way ahead... it's like driving a Porsche in a Kindergarten - eh?

You could try closing down all but the first core - run with one core only. And audio, run only stereo or perhaps even mono. This time, it's not a matter of overclocking, it's a matter of underclocking.

A possibility is DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS I've never managed to get it to work, but many have.

Best wishes. :)