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    Live chat pop ups

    I am looking for a new car, I have acquired 50+ websites to look at for a new car, the thing that annoys me the most are these little "live chat" pop ups that come along with them, is there any way for me to stop them? Thanks in advance.
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    Can you disable live usb ports when the pc is off?

    Hi So I've purchased another mouse and for some reason the manufacturer felt the need to put lights in it which is inconvenient to me at least. Can I disable the live usb ports on the pc so it and the keyboard lights won't be on when the pc is turned off?
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    Mouse buttons and the Firefox browser

    I solved the problem, just needed to adjust this setting
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    Mouse buttons and the Firefox browser

    I bought a new mouse and the only problem I have is they designed it with buttons near the top of the mouse and I keep on forgetting they are there, unfortunately this means when I go to pick up my mouse which I often do as I use it on different places, I then find I am clicking the button...
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    MIT's 1972 prediction of the collapse of society is on track to happen by 2040 Well that's cheered me up no end lol
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    Weak Mobile phone signals blowing the battery Android

    So basically the numpties running the O2 network in my town sent out a message about 3 years ago saying they were going to improve the signal and as a result of this work the signal might be affected. I went from 4 bars to 0 and it never went back up. I renewed my contract with them back in...
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    The future is here, almost!!!

    Wow thank you very much for your response. I will look into these.
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    The future is here, almost!!!

    Hi, How did you get on with your project? Do you think you could offer me any advice on my attempts to try 3D anaglyph videos?
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    Anyone do any 2d to 3d video conversions?

    Tried a program called Bino and I get the same issues, also VLC player has a anaglyph mode but only seems t work half the time for some reason, the setting is put on and yet sometimes it doesn't work, perhaps its a video format issue?
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    VIDEO NASA Confirms the Presence of Water on the Moon!

    Well that's a surprise to me as well as I was under the impression the gravity would be too little to hold on to it.
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    MUSIC Ambient Space Music. Space Journey ~ Romantic ~ Deep Relaxation ~ Stress Relief ~ Dreaming

    Have you considered trying out hypnosis, guided meditation or shamanic drumming?
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    Strange cmputer issues BIOS stops midway

    The problem has gone for now having cleared the cmos, I steer clear of unnecessary bios or firmware updates as you can easily brick an item for no good reason should something unexpected happen like a power cut, its not going to make it faster or better so you are risking losing everything with...
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    Strange cmputer issues BIOS stops midway

    I've tried the clear the cmos jumper trick and the pc reset 5 times in a row no problems so i think its done the trick.
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    Strange cmputer issues BIOS stops midway

    So I've noticed that the bios chip is largely available on ebay so I wonder if this is a indication they go bad then?
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    Strange cmputer issues BIOS stops midway

    The green light sometimes won't be on, does this mean anything? I've had a good look at the capacitors in the motherboard but none are blown. Will look inside psu tomorrow to see if they are blown anywhere.