TOR browser no longer letting me save a file anywhere


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Jun 3, 2020

So I used to be able to saved a file I downloaded from the net to a destination of my choice on the computer in Linux Ubuntu however after updating the system the browser no longer lets me do this. I even tried downloading from the original deb packages but that doesn't let me save anywhere either, it insists on saving the file in its own chosen directly for downloaded items, all despite the fact there is actually an option box ticked for it to ask me where to save a file lol, any ideas? I read somewhere people sale it was security but that it was just from the Snap repo but the original one does not have this issue. Thanks in advance.

PS the install came from:


It sounds like the issue you're facing with saving downloaded files in Ubuntu after system updates or installing from the deb packages is related to the behavior of the browser and possibly changes in the default file download settings. Here are some steps to potentially resolve this issue:

### Check Browser Download Settings:
1. Browser Settings: In your browser settings, ensure that the option to ask where to save files is enabled. This setting can vary depending on the browser you are using (Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

2. Change Default Download Location: Make sure the default download location is set to "Ask where to save files" or your preferred destination.

### Reset Browser:
1. Firefox:
- Open Firefox and go to the address about:config.
- Search for
- Make sure it is set to 2 (meaning Ask where to save every file)

2. Chrome:
- In Chrome settings, check the "Ask where to save each file before downloading" option.
- You can also try resetting Chrome settings to default for download preferences.

### File Type Handling:
1. File Associations: Ensure that the system properly associates file types with the appropriate applications.

### Browser Plugins:
1. Disable Extensions: Some browser extensions can interfere with the default download behavior. Try disabling extensions to check if one of them is causing the issue.

### System Updates:
1. Package Updates: Check if there are any pending updates for your system packages. Sometimes, updates can address such issues.

### Permissions:
1. File Permissions: Ensure that the user has write permissions to the directories where you are trying to save the downloaded files.

### Restart Browser:
1. Sometimes, a simple restart of the browser can resolve temporary issues related to downloads.

After making these adjustments, try downloading a file again to see if you're prompted to choose the download location. If the issue persists, try downloading the file using a different browser to isolate if the problem is browser-specific.