1. J

    Deleted files from D partition while away

    I got a message in my email today that a large number of files got deleted from OneDrive. So I can still recover the files since they stay in the recycle bin for 30 days. I set up the OneDrive as a network drive on my PC as per an article that I found a while ago. This has been for about one...
  2. awwsomeim

    Multiple instances of unknown icon appearing in taskbar

    For couple of weeks now, I am getting an unknown icon that appears in the taskbar (running apps). When I open the taskbar icon, I can see multiple instances but after opening they close quickly. I am not sure what it is. Any sort of help would be great.
  3. B

    Network Shared Folder

    I have 6 PCs, all with Windows 10, and I would like to be able to share files between all of them. Perhaps my Main PC could have a Network Shared Folder on it, and then I would leave the Main PC on, and all the PCs would be able to access this Network Shared Folder. What is the best way to set...
  4. steveoindy

    Windows 10 BitLocker USB new windows version?

    One of my USB drives wouldn't unlock, giving me a message "The BitLocker encryption on this drive isn't compatible with you version of windows. Try opening the drive using a newer version of Windows." As far as I know i have the latest. i did look for updates after i got this error. i have...
  5. Neemobeer

    Avoid Software From These Countries Like the Plague

    You should always be careful what you do on the Internet in general and installing software is no exception. Anything from Russia, China or North Korea is bad news in most cases. A great example...
  6. P

    Windows suspicious event logs and restart

    Hi :) I'm new to this forum and would highly appreciate some help with the following problem. Since some days my PC (win10) crashes during the night (also from standby mode). Therefore I checked the event log and I usually find an entry from the service control messanger that says bitdefender...
  7. G

    Disable Selinux Temporarily

    I want to dislabe SeLinux but this will be temporary where after reboot it should be enabled.
  8. Neemobeer

    Windows 7 Targeted Malware Increased 125%

    If you weren't already aware, Windows 7 reached end of life this year on January 14th 2020. End of life or EOL means the operating system vendor, in this case Microsoft, will no longer develop updates to address security issues within the software. Partly due to the fact that Windows 7 has...
  9. Neemobeer


    Phishing is one of the easiest and most common tactics cyber criminals use to complete their objectives whatever it may be. Most people have received one or more phishing attacks and the amount sent to people is staggering. They can come as text messages, phone calls, email, advertisements on...
  10. Neemobeer

    Be Extra Careful Shopping Online for the Holidays

    I'd strongly recommend everyone read the article and pass it along to friends and family. Beware, online shoppers! Cybercriminals have registered over 100,000 look-alike domains that resemble popular retail websites | Cyware Hacker News
  11. G

    Install Nessus Vulnerability Scanner To Linux

    I want to install nessus non commercial version into my Linux ubuntu box. How can I get and install nessus? Thanks
  12. Axel PC

    Some Windows Defender Questions

    I'm really considering just running with Windows Defender for my family's laptops. It's already including in Windows 10. It's easily integrated into everything already on it. It's free! I'm also tired of having to re-up with an AV every year. And I have 5 laptops to manage in my family so it's a...
  13. Neemobeer

    The Dangers of Unquoted Service Strings

    Hello everyone, in this post we will be discussing and demonstrating the dangers of unquoted service image path strings. If you don't know what that is that's ok we will get into some background. First things first in Windows we have special programs called services. These programs are...
  14. T

    Windows 10 Update on EzSoftLock copy protection

    Just got EzSoftLock copy protection software. I was skeptical about it working with all versions of Windows. I have tried it on Windows 10 32 and 64 bit, Windows 7 32 and 64 bit and Windows XP and these work. I was also skeptical about it what they meant about unlimited use. What they really...
  15. J

    Anti Malware Software Crash Tests

    Hi guys, who use similar "crash test" articles with software reviews? Tried & Tested: 5 Best Anti-Malware Software for 2019 I'm selecting a tool for an upgrade of my home security infrastructure and want to switch to Norton from Avast. Though, Total AV looks even more attractive by the reviews...
  16. T

    EzSoftLock Copy Protection

    Has anyone heard of EzSoftLock Copy Protection DIY Software? Is it good? I am doing research and thinking about trying it. It's suppose to work on any windows version without any annual maintenance fees and you don't need internet access.
  17. T

    Windows 10 EzSoftLock Copy Protection

    Does anyone have EzSoftLock copy protection? I am doing research and thinking about trying it. I hadn't heard of this before. I see that the company has been around a long time. It's suppose to work on any windows version which is hard to believe. My main interest is that there are no annual...
  18. miguelNo

    Why Local Security Authority Subsystem Service can't be deactivated

    Hi all, I have been searching for some technical post to understand why LSASS can't be deactivated. Okay, it is responsible for enforcing the security policy on the system, but I want some deep sight why the system restarts after deactivate it. Thanks!
  19. T

    What Is The Cheapest, Lightweight, Antivirus Software

    Hello all, I lately been trying to find a simple, lightweight antivirus program for my PC and my Android phone. Many antivirus programs have all of these features now like VPN, child/parent watching, encrypt files/vault storage, password managers and so on. All I want is a antivirus that...
  20. Neemobeer

    Windows Hardening Guide: Locating and Removing Debuggers

    Applies to: Windows 7 and newer *(will work on older Windows versions) Description: This tutorial will help you locate configured debuggers and remove them About Vulnerability: This isn't necessarily a vulnerability. The intended purpose is for debugging applications by redirecting to a real...