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Jun 2, 2020
Hi :)
I'm new to this forum and would highly appreciate some help with the following problem. Since some days my PC (win10) crashes during the night (also from standby mode). Therefore I checked the event log and I usually find an entry from the service control messanger that says bitdefender virus shield was unexpectedly terminated. This is followed by some other event messages saying, that

The startup type of the Background Intelligent Transfer Service has changed from Start Manually to Start Automatically. and vice versa

followed by:

7021 - Connection telemetry fields and analysis usage

7003 - Roam Complete

6062 - Lso was triggered

and last message: Access history in "\SystemRoot\System32\config\DRIVERS" was deleted. 25046 keys were updated and 1227 changed sites were created. Then the PC is restarted.

Do I need to worry

I'm now running a full scan. Would still appreciate some feedback :)

System: Windows 10, Build 2004

Latest Bitdefender Internet security.

I would consult with the vendor on why Bit Defender is crashing. All the other events are fairly benign.

For the reboots I would look in the System log for the event source User32 and that should tell you what is restarting the computer in most cases.
A long shot, but could you try to look at the "View Reliability history"
That will show if there are any errors noted around the points in time that your computer has shown it´s errors....
Microsoft has gradually increased the efficiency and effectiveness of its auditing facilities over the years. Modern Windows systems can log vast amounts of information with minimal system impact. With the corresponding decrease in the price of storage media, excuses to not enable and retain these critical pieces of evidence simply don’t stand up to scrutiny MyPrepaidCenter
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