Some Windows Defender Questions

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Apr 24, 2016
I'm really considering just running with Windows Defender for my family's laptops. It's already including in Windows 10. It's easily integrated into everything already on it. It's free! I'm also tired of having to re-up with an AV every year. And I have 5 laptops to manage in my family so it's a pain in the butt. It's easily a weekend project to install on all 5 laptops!
But I still have some questions.

Do you have to use Edge to get the most out of Windows Defender?
For those Windows Defender users what are your experiences with it? Can you share about how it's protected you from ransomware or a malicious download?
How good are the Family Options?

Windows Defender is ok but I would never rely on it as my sole means of protection. That plus you'd be hard pressed to find a company running it as their protection unless they have no dedicated security personnel.
Well I'll agree with you as far as corporations go. Just the fact that there's too many hands in the cookie jar means that you have to have extra protection in place.

But as far as personal computer it necessary having to pay for annual protection when Windows comes with Windows Defender? And you can get extensions on your browser like NoScript or Ublock Origin just to name 2 of all that are available.

Windows Defender has ransomware protection now built in too.
No not really the manufacturer eats that cost and OEM licenses are considerable cheaper than retail licenses
Yeah that's all passed onto the consumer when they purchase products.
Paid solutions are still considerably better.
I was just thinking Ublock Origin and NoScript are considerably better solutions than most paid AVs out there. So I'm not so sure paid for carrys the weight that it used to when it comes to tech no?
They’re free and some of the best browser protection thus falls into protection for your computer. So agin I would say that paid for software in the context of this discussion automatically means better. I mean there’s tons of paid AV software that’s terrible as well.
You know I’d say yeah they can protect you from malware because they can prevent sites from running malicious scripts that can inject malware into your system.
We consulted an IT pro back when Defender first appeared on Windows PCs, and he said never to rely on Defender alone. His stance has not changed. You need additional protection.

Now, if someone could post links to reliable review sources for antimalware...

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This article points to the 2 independent AV labs tests on Windows Defender. And it scored high, very good compared to where it was when it came out.

Now like I said in a previous post about it for businesses, it’s a no go. There just too many hands in the cookie jar. There’s too many chances for human error to work it’s magic. Plus employees don’t have skin the game if they mess up a company computer or network like they would on their home computer.

So yeah I’m talking about Windows Defender for home computers not for companies.
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Well I'll agree that WD when it first appeared on Windows was very poor. But after doing some research and my surfing habits of downloading torrents and running IRC chat rooms on Apache are long gone. I think WD is perfectly fine for most Windows users. For power users no.

lol where are all the Windows Defender users here. I remember there used to be quite a few?
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