Windows 7 Targeted Malware Increased 125%


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If you weren't already aware, Windows 7 reached end of life this year on January 14th 2020. End of life or EOL means the operating system vendor, in this case Microsoft, will no longer develop updates to address security issues within the software. Partly due to the fact that Windows 7 has reached EOL the security community has seen a dramatic increase in malware targeting Windows 7.

For more details take a look at this article.
Researchers observed a 125% increase in malware targeting Windows 7 - Help Net Security
It seems strange that Microsoft would stop developing updates for the most common version of their operating system. Even nowadays, there are almost twice as many Windows 7 users as there are Windows 10 users! Are they trying to force a shift towards Windows 10? In any case, it does seem like a questionable move on Microsoft's part. Thanks for the info
It takes a lot of resources to maintain multiple OSes. Windows 7 is old and quite inferior to Windows 10 in almost everyone l every way.