1. Avast Software

    An update from the Avast Threat Labs on WannaCry

    Jakub Kroustek from the Avast Threat Labs has written a nicely detailed blog on the aftermath of WannaCry -- what some are calling the worst ransomware outbreak in history. We're proud to have kept over 250,000 Avast users protected during the outbreak; our threat labs also urge user education...
  2. R

    Suggestion how to improve the windows security

    The current Windows is too vulnerable! For example, the Windows can be damaged even if I just clicked an attached file in a email. The root reason is that all the applications(or exec files) inherit the total privilege from login user's !!!!! We can't define a privilege to some special apps...
  3. C

    NSA is one of the security problems

    After seeing the last Ransomware attack and read posts about what NSA is doing. I strongly believe, that NSA is part of the security problem that we face now. Companies like Microsoft give NSA build in back-doors and other ways to go into computers of billions of people to identify potential...
  4. Neemobeer

    Windows Defender Vulnerability

    Pretty dangerous vulnerability found in Windows Defender, so if that's all you're using make sure you patch it. CVE-2017-0290 Microsoft Security Advisory 4022344 Tech Article Massive vulnerability in Windows Defender leaves most Windows PCs vulnerable
  5. Avast Software

    Gamers - have you tried our Game Mode

    Hey gamers -- Avast 2017 came with an all-new Game Mode. I've used it on a lower-powered PC I use for light work/light gaming and it definitely helps (not much CPU/GPU to go around on that machine) plus it's easy to use. My opinions, of course! I'm curious on the other end, though -- have any...
  6. Neemobeer

    Security Awareness Training

    I just wanted to post a link to security awareness training videos from a great site I think everyone should go through the modules once a year for the average user. Free End User Security Awareness Training Online, on Cybrary Enjoy and be a safe cyber citizen.
  7. D

    Windows PIN problem

    Hi, For about two weeks I have been getting the error message below when trying to set a PIN on Win10. I have tried the Windows Store troubleshooter which reports back that cache issues have been resolved, however the problem remains even after numerous reboots. Any ideas?
  8. SirBungly

    Multiple Issues with Windows Firewall

    So my Windows Firewall has been playing up recently. I have no other firewalls on my PC and just use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes for antivirus. A few months ago the firewall started requesting access for any application that wanted to connect to the internet every time I opened the...
  9. S

    Can windows temp folder contain other temp folders?

    Hello everyone I can see on my network that there is a windows machine in which the temp folder contains another temp folder: temp/temp10634534/setup.exe This seems to be trying to download a file called lare.exe. Is it normal for a temp folder to contain another temp folder? I was...
  10. G

    Security Software

    Hello, i need help of a security restore software. I need the Name of this Software , in the taskbar right is a grey tray icon looks like an animal or so , pls i cant delet my password. The cyber cafe's use this software to restore the system
  11. A

    Domain authentication logging/security audit

    Would it be possible to put any type of log / audit in place to see who is using the Active Directory? I'd just like to run it for a week before we shut down the Active Directory. Please explain how to setup the audit?
  12. M

    WindowsApps folder security settings messed up

    I was trying to access my C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder and I did by changing the security features in this video but I tried to restore it and now none of my WindowsApp will launch. When I launch a App like my calculator or weather it opens the window and after second it closes the app...
  13. ffinder

    All Windows 7 Microsoft spyware security updates

    Dear All, I have compiled a list of all Windows 7 Microsoft spyware security updates to help those like me that don't like Microsoft spying on them: KB2505438 KB2670838 KB2922324 KB2952664 KB2976978 KB2977759 KB2990214 KB3014460 KB3015249 KB3021917 KB3022345 KB3035583 KB3044374 KB3050265...
  14. Mike

    An Important Message from John McAfee

    John McAfee discusses the impending doom facing humanity due to the unexpected evolution of mobile processors and the "primitive" operating systems that are embedded with them.
  15. ESET Mobile Security and Anti-Virus Review

    ESET Mobile Security and Anti-Virus Review

    In this video review and walkthrough, Mike Fara from Windows Forum at walks you through both the tablet and smart phone interface of ESET Mobile Security and Anti-Virus for Android as of August 26, 2013. The demonstration hardware is a Google Nexus 10 tablet and a Samsung...
  16. Microsoft's August 2010 Security Bulletin Overview

    Microsoft's August 2010 Security Bulletin Overview

    For August 2010 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has released a total of 34 security vulnerability fixes, a patch to the Windows kernel, and 14 updates to release issues with Windows, Internet Explorer, .NET Framework (Silverlight), MSXML. It is one of the largest Windows Updates assembled in one...
  17. Uninstall Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) for Security Reasons

    Uninstall Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) for Security Reasons

    Get away from the browser wars: How to uninstall IE6 in XP, which has become obsolete, and update to the latest Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  18. How to Install Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) - Free Microsoft Anti-virus

    How to Install Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) - Free Microsoft Anti-virus

    You may want to consider installing Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is a free anti-virus solution provided by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  19. MSRC - Microsoft Update Patch Tuesday - June 2012

    MSRC - Microsoft Update Patch Tuesday - June 2012

    Major vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop and Windows Update are being patched in one of the largest surface area attacks against Windows in recent history. Install all security updates as soon as possible. 26 CVEs, 3 critical updates, and 7 in total. All are indexed with a critical rating of 1...
  20. ESET Smart Security 5 Review

    ESET Smart Security 5 Review

    Download: In 2012, we decided to double down on our review of ESET Smart Security 5, correcting some errors and taking another look. With some written contributions from ESET Distinguished Researcher Aryeh Goretsky, we take an in-depth look at this...