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    Infuriating and frequent "not responding" freezes

    Hey klynch5, Welcome. When this all happens what does your cpu usage look like in task manager? Check for a process that is maxing out. Since you upgraded from Windows XP it could be an application that isn't fully compatible with Windows 7 yet that is starting with windows. What you could...
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    Hard Drive Space Error?

    Seems your clean install failed miserably. Do what the others said otherwise you may just want to do another fresh installation to save you the hassle of deleting all the old files,
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    Hard Drive Space Error?

    set your c:\ drive to view by detail and tell us which folder is taking up all the space. Is it your Windows Directory?
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    Windows 7 not recognizing hard drive that works?

    How about go into disk managment on your xp box and delete the partition. I'm thinking that even though you are formatting it, the partition is getting currupt somehow or unreadable to windows 7.... as ludacris as that sounds. Its a long shot but im also out of ideas if that fails.
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    Folder in use

    Tried to replicate the problem but no luck If you've tried the above and are sure that there is nothing in the folders that your system is using then im out of ideas. I rate the your best bet is to start a thread on Link Removed - Invalid URL and get one of the Microsoft guru's to take a look
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    Folder in use

    Are you able to move any folders in safe mode or do you get the same error? Also check the Ownership of the folders, maybe the permissions got changed by mistake Perhaps a virus has somehow added the system attribute to all your folders so maybe check that to
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    Folder in use

    What exactly is in the folders? If you create a "New Folder" on C:\ can you move that around?
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    Windows Media Player 12 problems

    Hey El Barto, I've also experienced something similar to this in the past but perhaps not to the extent that you are having. What worked for me the last time this happened is to clear the library and start from scratch. While in WMP12 press the "Alt" key, under the "Tools" > "Advanced" select...
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    Windows Media Player 12 vs Mp3 Tags

    Hey nutterguy, thanks for your reply. I kinda lost hope on fixing the problem so didnt bother to update this thread. Ive got the x64 7100 RC going at the moment and yes I still have the exact same problem. The thing thats strange to me is that my entire library has been added and tags only...
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    CoD 5/Punkbuster hates W7. :/

    go here "" I managed to fix my COD5 PB problem using these fixes. although I only edited the services. but give it a try
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    Help on understanding windows 7 Beta

    You've got a point there but some people such as myself and the thousands of people downloading the later builds after 7000 off the torrents want to follow the beta all the way and have the latest versions. I guess this isn't always a good thing as my build 7077 has just messed up some of my...
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    Removing Vista praimary partition and keeping windows 7

    You could boot off a windows disk and when asked to partition your drives just delete the vista partition and restart your computer without continuing the installation. Or download GParted from GParted -- Welcome and burn that to a disk and boot from it to delete the partition
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    Windows Media Player 12 vs Mp3 Tags

    Hey Everybody, Ive got a problem with my MP3 Tags. Iv been using Win 7 x64 ever since build 7000. My music is organized almost to perfection. But not so much anymore.... I upgraded to Win 7 x64 build 7068 (Fresh Install of course) with no problems whatsoever. Now Monday I upgraded to x64 build...