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Windows 7 Windows Media Player 12 vs Mp3 Tags


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Apr 17, 2009
Hey Everybody,

Ive got a problem with my MP3 Tags. Iv been using Win 7 x64 ever since build 7000. My music is organized almost to perfection. But not so much anymore.... I upgraded to Win 7 x64 build 7068 (Fresh Install of course) with no problems whatsoever. Now Monday I upgraded to x64 build 7077 (Fresh Install again) and tonight I've noticed that a whole lot of my music has lost its tags and is sitting in an "Unknown Artists" folder and cant be edited. If I view the Mp3's properties in explorer I cant change any of the information in the details tab. I've been Google-ing for the last few hours and I'm now getting annoyed. Iv'e checked the properties of some Mp3's that still have there tags I can edit them both in WMP12 and in explorer. They all have the same permissions as the Mp3's that seem to be breaking. I dont get this. Another album has actually just landed in the "Unknown Artists" sin bin while typing this!!!! My NIN didn't deserve that!:mad::mad:

Has anyone experienced this before?? and does anyone have a solution.

And I also don't get why WMP12 always says in the bottom right Updating Media Library. Even though all my music is in the Library.

Any Help will really be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

OK so this MP3 thing just killed me last night so this morning I Installed x64 Build 7068 again. And all is good and well, MP3 tags are as they should be so build 7077 just isn't cool in regard to MP3's for anyone that wants to know. I've also noticed that build 7068 is a lot quicker and smoother than 7077. kinda made my rig slower than usual so we'll have to see
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Hey, I'm getting the same problem with build 7100 (x64)...
My guess is that is is something to do with ID3.2 tags but I'm not sure, windows explorer reads the tags just fine. :confused:
I've asked this question on the windows answers forum anyway so hopefully we should get a reply soon.

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Hey nutterguy, thanks for your reply.
I kinda lost hope on fixing the problem so didnt bother to update this thread. Ive got the x64 7100 RC going at the moment and yes I still have the exact same problem. The thing thats strange to me is that my entire library has been added and tags only eddited in WMP with only about 150 mp3's getting this problem. And another thing is that in explorer the Mp3's still dont display there properties correctly in build 7100 (ie Artist, Album).

Just to recap it only seems that build 7077 and 7100 have this issue.