Windows 7 Window Media Player 12 limited to 50 folders?


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Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit
Drive C:, 394 GB free
Drive D:, 333 GB free
Windows Media Player, v12.0.7601.24499

I have a problem adding more than 50 folders to WMP. Each folder is either an audio book or a music album.

* Each audio book exists in its own folder on Drive D:. An audio book consists of several 'parts' and each part is an MP3 file about 75 minutes long. I have 11 audio books with a total of 91 parts.

* Each music album exists in its own folder on Drive D:. An album consists of up to about 25 songs in MP3 format. I have 39 music albums with a total of 830 songs.

There is a total of 50 folders (11 + 39) in my Music library. When I try to add another folder (music album or audio book) WMP acts like it added the folder but nothing shows up in the library. When I select Organize > Manage Libraries > Music the new folder does not show up in the folder list.

As a test, I removed 4 folders (music albums with 82 songs) from the library and then added 4 different folders (music albums with 40 songs) to bring the total folders back to 50. So far, so good.

When I tried to add folder 51 WMP wouldn't add it. Nothing happened, no errors. WMP acts like it has a 50 folder limit. I've cruised the 'net but I didn't find anything that seemed to address this problem.

I manually deleted WMP's database files. I reset WMP to its default settings. I uninstalled and reinstalled WMP. None of these solutions worked.

Does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions?

Hmm. It seems that no one has found the 50 folder limit to be a problem when building their WMP library.

For anyone interested, I solved this problem by moving my music and audio books to a top level folders, one for music and another for audio books. Now all I have to add to WMP are these two top level folders. It seems there isn't much of a problem with WMP marching through sub folders and adding all my music and audio books. It's also a little easier for me to manage my media files.

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