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    Terrible wireless speed.

    I had Spectrum out again early this month. The tech pulled the Arris Modem and installed an Eubee Cable Modem. 1 - I was able to show him a paper print out from my cellphone, Pixel, that it could contact the Router but the router didn't have a incoming signal from the Modem. 2 - Wireless signal...
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    Local "Cloud" storage vs NAS?

    So the difference would be Cloud = local hardware + "Cloud" controlling firmware installed in the HDD control board vs the same with "NAS" controlling firmware ... etc? Sounds like more advertising hype than a realizable advantage to me. Sent from my Pixel 5a using Tapatalk
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    Local "Cloud" storage vs NAS?

    I'm working on networking our home. WAN to Cable Modem to Router to Unmanaged Switch in the Utility room (roughly the center of an ell-shape) (and WIFI APs on the west end and north end) to wired drops in selected rooms. So now I see mention of a local "Cloud" storage for a home. Say what? I've...
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    New Motherboard

    Well it been a while since the last trip to repair. And other than the Win 11 TPM question I haven't had any concerns. I've had to reinstall some utilities that were lost along the way and I've still got to delete the Photoshop cloud version that I don't wish to pay for. But things are humming...
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    USB Network Attached Storage

    Looks like I have to budget for a NAS (Network Attached Storage) enclosure. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    USB Network Attached Storage

    Trying not to. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    USB Network Attached Storage

    Is there an adapter to let me plug an external HD with a USB cable into a home network? Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    New Motherboard

    Thanks. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    New Motherboard

    My Photoshop Computer is failing. I've had it in to a local shop 3 times since June.[emoji3525] First the SSD was replaced then it started quitting after the last Windows Update. Now it's back home after Widows reinstall (again) and I have yet to hook it up. I strongly suspect one of the MB...
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    Windows 10 update = NO Google Chrome?

    My Win10 desktop locked up last week. First Chrome would load only to quit after a short while, may 5 minutes. Then the machine wouldn't restart. I took it into the local shop that installed a new SSD about July (this year) and the tech gave it back saying he could not find anything wrong. WTF...
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    Stoopid question about hard drives - how do I tell which is which?

    Possibly not the best idea to unmount a drive while it's powered up. I'd shut down then restart but with only one external powered on. You've got a 50/50 chance of getting it right and you can rename the drive that appears to avoid the problem later on. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    PC unable to wake up from sleep

    I had a similar thing happen to my PC, also x64. I'd urge you to find a fix soonest as I had to have my boot SSD replaced. Not fun. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    TP Link Mesh router + Bluetooth - No thanks.

    I'm working on networking our new-old (1995 vintage) house. It has already had some cable drops installed and all in the "wrong" places (well, duh). I looked at MoCA (2 different coax cable sets already in the walls) - $180.00/cable run? - I don't think so. Then I looked at MESH - interesting...
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    Backup software and routine.

    Thanks, I'll take a look at it. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
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    Application fonts not scaling when using 4 K monitor

    Bochane - that works for the UI (the "desktop" you're viewing) but not always for the the programs. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk