Windows 10 Local "Cloud" storage vs NAS?


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I'm working on networking our home. WAN to Cable Modem to Router to Unmanaged Switch in the Utility room (roughly the center of an ell-shape) (and WIFI APs on the west end and north end) to wired drops in selected rooms.
So now I see mention of a local "Cloud" storage for a home. Say what? I've thought about an NAS Hard Drive attached to the network. I've got enough connections on the Switch for that or directly to off the router.
But what is the difference between the NAS and (the) Cloud storage?

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Cloud just means someone elses computer. Private cloud is still hosted in someone else's data center but you have more control over it. A local cloud is nothing more than storage you control with a cloud element allowing the data to be more easily accessible from anywhere, so in short you can hook up your NAS to a cloud service and access it easily from anywhere without in terms of local configuration.
Some Nas systems allow you to sync up with the internet so you can access the files outside the home... Most of the cloud option just boils down to a back up sync of the standard Nas

Yes anything online is inherently insecure but it's also not going to go up in smoke when your house catches fire

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So the difference would be Cloud = local hardware + "Cloud" controlling firmware installed in the HDD control board vs the same with "NAS" controlling firmware ... etc? Sounds like more advertising hype than a realizable advantage to me.

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NAS drives and cloud backup services differ because you can back up your data without technical knowledge. Users of NAS drives need to set up and secure their hardware, which requires more hands-on involvement. Cloud backup services are the easiest way to back up your data. It only takes a few minutes to set them up - by downloading an app or logging into a cloud portal to select which files and folders to back up.
You need to create a private cloud storage, this will definitely help you. Cloud storage is a structure of online servers distributed in a network, usually in the form of an online service, providing users with a place to store their data. The storage needs to be synchronized with your device. After that, you can upload files of any type there. They will be available on all devices online. To do this, you can use . This will definitely help you.
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