TP Link Mesh router + Bluetooth - No thanks.


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I'm working on networking our new-old (1995 vintage) house. It has already had some cable drops installed and all in the "wrong" places (well, duh).
I looked at MoCA (2 different coax cable sets already in the walls) - $180.00/cable run? - I don't think so.
Then I looked at MESH - interesting but ... Bluetooth communication between appliances? No thanks! (Burnt by BT already and once bitten twice shy!). Other systems are $ 5-600 for 3 pieces? Nope. My current Linksys router was dear enough.
The reason I was looking at MESH is that to get the drops I want & where I want I'll have to cut holes into dry-wall and deal with the blown-in fiberglass above the ceiling. PITA.
(Rant over, thanks for listening.)

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