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    Internet Connected but won't let me browse

    Starting yesterday I could not get on the Internet. It says I am connected but when I try to get browse (I've tried on both google chrome and Internet explorer) it says there is no internet. My computer says I am connected to the wireless though. It's not my wireless because my wifi works on my...
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    Wireless stops working after connecting iPad to PC

    Hello, I'm facing a really strange problem. I have two wireless network adapters on my Desktop PC, and two Windows OS's, 7 and 10. I am facing the exact same issue in every situation. As soon as I plug in the iPad via USB to the computer, the WiFi dies, and no troubleshooting works. The...
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    Windows 10 Wireless user and password entry keeps disappearing before I can enter it

    I recently upgraded an HP Probook 450 to Windows 10 from 8.1. It all worked fine and I connected it to Eduroam our University wireless. However I then had to do a forget on the wireless to enter a different user and now whenever I try to enter the user name and the password they disappear after...
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    Issue with Automatically Connecting to WPA2-Enterprise WiFi

    I am having an issue with my two Windows 7 PCs automatically connecting to my Wireless Network. I recently switched over to WPA2-Enterprise security on my WiFi Router and this is when the problems started. Every time I reboot the computer I have to manually reconnect to the network. In the...