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    Slow Download Speed on fast internet?

    Hey, so I have an Asus laptop, I think it's called a Vivobook? (Smaller 11.6" model) with Windows 8.1. It was bought used, and was completely formatted and reinstalled with Windows, so no Adware issues or such. But it's only downloading at 200 Kb/s. My connection is 110mb/s download and 10...
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    Mouse click delay (Not mouse handware)

    Okay, I have a Toshiba Satelite touch screen laptop, and when I play games, like Call of Duty, randomly, the mouse delays on clicking. So I'll shoot, and click a few times, but there will be a second or two before it actually registers. I've tried different mice, and they all do the same thing...
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    Immidiette help please! Audio Driver fail, no restore points, control panel not working!

    EDIT! I managed to get SFC scannow to work, so hopefully it'll come up with something.. I'll post the results here in another post when its finished
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    Immidiette help please! Audio Driver fail, no restore points, control panel not working!

    I've been having the biggest issues with my computer as of late, and need help fast.. Basically, my audio driver fails to work, and won't play sound. After digging around, I found out it was AVG quarantining files with Realtek drivers. I had AVG, but uninstalled deleting all of the stuff in the...
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    8.1 Multi Monitor Task Bar Help?

    Hey, so I was using 7 with actual multiple monitors for ages, but realized 8.1 had better dual monitor support. I don't even need to use other software which is nice. But the second monitors task bar doesn't display the clock, or the system tray or anything, just the start button. And when...
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    Major Windows 8 issues. Crashing, blue screen, can't update to 8.1. Help Please!

    So I have a Lenova Ideapad z710. It's a powerful gaming laptop, and came with Windows 8. There was tons of blue screens due to Nvidia crashing, and that seems to be sorted out.. But regardless, there's tons of freezing and crashing for no reason. And I tried updating to 8.1 not to long ago...