Slow Download Speed on fast internet?

Hey, so I have an Asus laptop, I think it's called a Vivobook? (Smaller 11.6" model) with Windows 8.1. It was bought used, and was completely formatted and reinstalled with Windows, so no Adware issues or such. But it's only downloading at 200 Kb/s. My connection is 110mb/s download and 10 upload. And my other laptop, and other computers in the house reach about 5-7 mb/s when downloading. I just can't figure out why this laptop is downloading slow. It's snappy and quick, but no matter what the download, it doesn't get passed about 200 kb/s.
It's got an i3 1.8ghz 2 physical/4 logical cores, 4gb ram, Windows 8.1 and Intel HD 4000. I read that some intel drivers might do this to the download speed, not sure if it's true or not.
Anyways, help is greatly appreciated.. I can't figure this out on my own :s


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The numbers associated with speeds can be confusing. In my case the ISP provides 15 Mbps download speed. When I download a large file, it downloads using the full speed.

You are indicating you have a 110 Mbps download speed. Have you done a Speed Test on your systems to see how they compare? You also have to make sure you are not looking at MBps vs. Mbps since on is 8 times the other.

Your actual configuration is important. Are you using wireless on that one system, and is it connected to some type of Router? If it is wireless, how strong is the signal?

If you are not sure what devices you have onboard, you can check the device manager or use msinfo32.exe to list them.

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