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  • When I try to install windows 8.1 on my windows 8 computer that says :processor doesn't support LAHF/SAHF.
    processor doesn't support PrefetchW. Whath can i do?
    Please do not ask for help in your profile page. Use the 'Help and Support categories if your unsure where to post.
    Hi kemical
    I have abit of a problem on my gf's laptop, after installing Dead Island, we can't seem to find the folder where its placed . Is there a way to view the folder? Its windows 8 on her laptop. Best regards.
    slt, je ne sais pas ce qui se passe sur ma machine mais dès que j'ouvre un dossier il supprime aussi tôt son contenu, que faire? j'ai même fait une réinstallation en formatan complètement le disque dur mais le problème existe tous jours.
    MERCI de me repondre au plus vite.
    hi, i dont know what happened but when i tried to log on, the keyboard's not functioning anymore but i can use it in bios. aftr logging in to windows, cant use it anymore. and then when i tried to check under device manager, it says that the driver is damaged or incomplete. what should i do? mine is windows 7 x32
    Hey Kemical,

    No time, no see, well I mean converse with each other.

    I'm no retired and started a small business selling wholesale furniture and cabinet hardware and retail antique reproductions from over 6 different direct importers.

    Enough about me, How are you doing?

    I learned a lot from you on the forum, I may get back into it, but it would be very limited.

    Please message me back buddy,

    aka reghakr
    hi, i mistakely deleted the microsoft virtual wifi miniport from device manager.
    now i am unable to make a wifi hotspot with my laptop.
    i tried all the possible things available in the internet but i didnot get succed.
    please give me some solution.
    The merger issue is fixed @ with a 1 month redirect. Did this person post multiple times? If so they just need to get with the program, read the TOS, and duplicates should be deleted in the future. Merging threads is a nightmare. If they were two separate discussions on the same issue that's one thing but it looks like a "Please help me!" plea written twice which would essentially be spam. In this instance I just merged it into one thread.
    Thanks for posting these updates. Up all night working on the back-end waiting for the e-mail that never arrives over "the issue".
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