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    Miss When This Forum Was Busy

    We have a Discord that we have considered "going live" with but we still haven't thrown "the switch". Basically we have a way to ... potentially sync the forums and Discord together. However if you want an invite to the Discord right now visit.... Join the Discord Server!
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    I had a weird thing happen this morning.

    CMOS reset? * or CMOS battery dying?
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    Forum on XF 2.2 Beta

    Entire server was swapped out and annoying management software removed. Resolved. :)
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    Forum on XF 2.2 Beta

    This should now be fixed.
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    Bitcoin - anyone here do this?

    I mined altcoins for awhile with a bunch of graphics cards and while I made some money from doing so, it was amateurish compared to the complex situation going on now. @whoosh and @Josephur also mined. But it's now at the point where you would need a friggin data center due to the way it works...
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    Forum on XF 2.2 Beta

    OK, a change was made but its only a bandaid. Let me know if it happens even one time again please.
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    Forum on XF 2.2 Beta

    Well nevermind actually it just happened here... Investigating...
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    Forum on XF 2.2 Beta

    When this happens can you guys hit F12 and see if there are any errors popping up in Chrome, screenshot? Thank you
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    Switching ubuntu to windows

    You can set up dual booting or just reformat/partition the drive And meet the minimum requirements Processor 1GHz or faster CPU or System on a Chip (SoC) RAM 1GB for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit Hard drive space Existing installations: 16GB for 32-bit or 20GB for 64-bit Clean install or...
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    Log in issues

    Try clearing your cookies? I am never getting the message.
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    Forum on XF 2.2 Beta

    No let me know if the oops message is still coming up as it shouldn't be. Also this isn't beta anymore and hasn't been for quite a few days. The changes that were made should improve the editor and experience of visiting the website. I am not getting any of those OOPS security errors or...
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    New Power Supply

    To answer the most basic question, its modular, so it is good. And no you should not really have any issues with 1000watt unless you are running like, some heavy duty stuff (multiple graphics cards). I don't see any issues. It is true you may not need 1000W. It depends on your use scenario...
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    Welcome to Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation

    For something like this it uses heavy disk I/o and processor. Although it may be no comfort, not sure why it's taking so long. When done, try: Run as administrator command prompt: dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth sfc/scannow ?
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    I Have Windows 7.... I DON'T Want Windows 10..... Is Windows 8 a Good Choice?

    I would not particularly recommend it, as it was much of a hassle like Windows Vista was if you remember that. It's not that it is bad, but you would almost definitely have a better experience just upgrading to 10. But if you have no choice then it is an alternative.