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    Windows 8.1 keeps defaulting to allow remote access

    This setting should save. If it is not saving, it is possible that a third party software is opening RDP. You should take an inventory of what is on the system and make sure that whatever is opening RDP or preventing the setting from being changed is disabled.
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    What is the problem with enabling or disabling Secure Boot?

    We did not get your screenshots, please post.
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    VIDEO Elon Musk Gets TRASHED By Stephen King

    Not the real Stephen King :D
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    Windows 11 MySQL not running in XAMPP

    Try removing innodb_rollback_on_timeout=ON from your config or set it to OFF Possible solution
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    AutoHDR Calibration Tool for Windows coming soon from Microsoft
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    Windows 11 explorer.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    This is generally the best solution while backing up essential files. Make sure that if you have some kind of custom HDD/SSD set up such as RAID that you have those drivers backed up just in case they need to be preloaded. Typically you can use the media creation tool from Download Windows 11...
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    Happy New Year 2022!

    I would like to wish you a belated happy holidays! May we all have a better year than the last.
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    Issue with the display

    If the guides send people off to paid software that have affiliate links then no they will likely be removed or the affiliate links deleted. The point of any tutorial or walkthrough should be to help the site visitors get something fixed not market the software to them. And no we don't generally...
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    December 14, 2021—KB5008215 (OS Build 22000.376)
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    Arriving tomorrow by 10pm [IMG] WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit - [3.4oz +0.8oz] Best for -...

    Arriving tomorrow by 10pm WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit - [3.4oz +0.8oz] Best for - Smartphones, iPhone, iPads, Eyeglasses, e-Readers, Laptop, TV Screen Cleaner, and Computer Moni
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    Right click on the bottom 2048.00GB partition and you should see an option to Extend the volume. If not, you can try a third party partition utility.
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    Windows 10 Will not boot after secure boot enabled

    I looked up your board and it looks like you're doing it properly. Thats really strange. Can you back up your data before you move forward? The reason I ask this is because let's just say you disable Secure Boot... there is a chance the data will become further corrupted. But if thats not a big...
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    new windows 11 biased

    Its all about controlling the silicon. Sure there is a security incentive for doing what they are doing by artificially limiting what it can run on, but so is unplugging your router. Then you are safe. Its crazy what they are getting away with. Its just poor choices with 11 and quite frankly...