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    Merry Christmas 2017, Happy New Year 2018, and Season's Greetings!

    Please enjoy the temporay holiday snow, which will end late night tomorrow. It is particularly annoying in the Dark Theme, but I think some festivity is in order :)
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    Merry Christmas 2017, Happy New Year 2018, and Season's Greetings!

    On behalf of everyone at, myself included, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year :)
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    SSD'S needed! Please advise me.

    I've used Crucial and Samsung. Samsung is clearly the victor here. There is no point going with a super cheap SSD and have to worry about it breaking down. Crucial was great with their RMA process. Long ago, when SSD was very new, they RMA'd many failed drives for me. There was a major sale on...
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    I second @Neemobeer. A lot of people are trying to do this, and it is not sound advice. Primarily, the lock screen has a security function. It is not just there to annoy you. Many years ago with Windows XP, before the lock screen, systems were easily compromised. In some cases, it was possible...
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    Windows 10 Update Assistant Error

    What method did you use to do this and why? If you have missing DLLs from the WINDOWS INSTALLATION, you do not want to try to acquire them manually. When you say you downloaded the full file, are you talking about the Windows 10 ISO file? Just redownload the entire thing, and as of this time...
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    Log in User Account

    Do you want to log into Windows automatically with this account? This is no longer recommended or supported in Windows 10, but it can be done by editing the registry (not recommended).
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    Is this safe way to secure mobo cpu socket pins? I sell mobo

    The technician did a complete disservice to you by doing this. No one on this forum or anywhere else will ever tell you that they would recommend putting TOILET PAPER over your CPU socket to protect the socket pins. It makes absolutely no sense. What you should do is remove the toilet paper and...
  8. Mike updated to XenForo 2.0

    Those of you who depend on the WindowsForum mobile app (or actually use it!), as well as Tapatalk, can rejoice, as support for this platform has returned tonight. We had quite awhile trying to get it back until a new API was developed for this version of the forum software. This development will...
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    NEWS Trump tells NASA to send astronauts to Mars

    Maybe the only thing I've agreed with in awhile.
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    Social Engineering

    It is definitely safe - and sound advice.
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    Automatic updates with bad internet

    You can pause updates for up to a month in advanced settings:
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    Brother Control Centre - BrCtrlCntr.exe

    Chances are, you have a Brother printer or scanner. What is blocking this program from being run? Also, what is the name of the PDF software? Best - Michael
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    NEWS BTC 20k - NiceHash Hacked 100 million - Selling Alt Coins for Bitcoin - BTC Mining

    Steam Just Dropped Bitcoin Support, Citing Cryptocurrency's Volatility | Inverse Bitcoin soars then falls back; banks raise risk concerns
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    Strange problem in Chrome?

    Some websites are designed to load fast using the QUIC protocol that only Chrome supports right now. As far as I know, Firefox will support SPDY, which is backwards compatible, but if you are wondering why some sites load faster with Chrome this is one reason. We are using an implementation of...
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    Thanks for reporting spam on the site. It's been removed. - Mike

    Thanks for reporting spam on the site. It's been removed. - Mike
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