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    virtualisation, Not sure if in right place

    If you mean logging into Microsoft Azure from a web browser yes, If you mean hosting a virtual machine on a i3 - it would probably be slow. Support for XP ended in 2014. While I'm sure you can run it, I don't really understand why you would do this to play video games. Thank you.
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    Hosting domain in windows 8?

    It is not worth even discussing, to be honest with you.
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    Apply cumulative Update to extracted Win10-ISO possible?

    NTLite is a good option for doing something like this (custom ISO). But yes @bassfisher6522 makes the most sense with that.
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    Schedule specific time to run a task ^^ Still valid Look for "ScheduledDefrag" under Task Scheduler -> Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Defrag
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.. TO ALL

    Wishing you a Merry Holiday Season and Happy New Year!
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    what exactly is win 10 version 19033.1 anyway ?

    Windows Insider 19035.1 is now out:
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    what exactly is win 10 version 19033.1 anyway ?

    Well it is Build 19033.1 on the fast and slow ring of the Insider Preview. It is actually version 2004 of Windows 10 (examples: 1903, 1909). Windows 10 feature updates are usually two a year. This would be the first feature update of 2020. It likely isn't the last test build of it. But after...
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    Weird folders under AppData
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    Is there Windows-own software to password files, folders, etc?

    VeraCrypt is just a fork of TrueCrypt since it was discontinued. Outside of BitLocker its probably going to be the most usable solution in this type of scenario thats not proprietary in nature.
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    RAM detected by BIOS but not by Win10

    2GB RAM is extremely low. I hope this is not the case. Its possible the memory is incompatible with this system? Have you considered checking both chips in Memtest MemTest86 - Official Site of the x86 Memory Testing Tool Also, maybe save the bios when you see it updated to 24 (not discard...
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    USB problem

    Both Windows 7 and Windows 10 support exFAT, FAT32, and NTFS, so no I don't see how thats possible. If you're saying that you can't open the videos, you may need a video codec, or something universal that can pretty much open any video filetype like VLC Media Player. If you can't see all of the...
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    Backspace Button broken?

    Return the laptop to the shop and ask them to fix it since they probably broke it.
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    Intel Driver and Support Assistant

    Mike submitted a new resource: Intel Driver and Support Assistant - Helps keeps your system up-to-date by detecting when updates are available. Read more about this resource...
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    Intel Driver and Support Assistant 2019-07-12

    The Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel DSA) Purpose The Intel® Driver & Support Assistant enables you to scan computing devices for the latest drivers available from Intel. This tool has the main interface hosted on Intel’s support website and provides a more integrated support...
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    SSD Hot Swappable ?

    If it supports 2.5" conventional laptop size HDD it will fit SSD. The hot swap will probably work, but make sure the SATA controller on the back supports the throughput or doesn't slow down the drives.