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    Windows 7 EA Sports ~e5.0001 process

    hey Im still searching for the answer to this to as mine did the same worked well a few time then same prob as yours let you know if i find anything
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    Windows 7 Problems running Diablo II w/ LOD expansion

    note you will need to do a full install in win 7 ,so start from scratch run in admin mode or compat mode, then install update but when game tries to run with update install, stop game and let update finish then restart worked for me
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    ATI Catalyst/Win7 Compatibility

    hey guys had a sim prob ,im running 3 3870s, went back to original drivers and cat8.9 or something ,then updated drivers (auto)w1.1 installed then reinstalled 9.3 and everything works fine now as it was only seeing two card now all working, dont forget to allow process access in your firewall
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    Windows 7 Games that Work and Games that Don't.

    working working css age of empires 1,2 +exp empire earth 3 combat flight sim 2 wwII pacific cfs3 battle for europe diablo 2+exp , with patches Tiger W 2005 in vista mode no admin BF2 in vista as admin(explore cd, change bf2.exe into vista compat mode or xp, run as admin)
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    Windows 7 Problems running Diablo II w/ LOD expansion

    i dl the patch to and it installed, i just shut the game down when it started up worked fine
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    Windows 7 Problems running Diablo II w/ LOD expansion

    hey I get exactly the same with d2+exp black screen etc...
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    Windows 7 any help please BF2 ,tigerwoods 2005

    started with fresh install win 7 ,tried to install bf2 gets to last 10 sec of install and stops wont install anyone had this prob as it seems people are running bf2 on win 7 Also tiger 2005 installed but wont run have tried compat mode gets to start screen then drops out,so seems TW2005 doesnt...