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    Flashing screens when updating Windows 10 on restart.

    I had to reinstall Windows 10 on my 5GHz Coffee lake desktop pc. It seemed to reinstall ok. When the first update came along I was asked to restart my PC. It restarted then came up with the Windows install screens saying"Hi" and then "Wait while Windows installs updates" However for some reason...
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    Workin on it.

    The PC is one I built myself from components from various sources (Skylake). I had another problem with the pc that wouldn't go away even with a Windows refresh. So I did a clean install and now the pc works great. I can only guess it was a corrupted Windows 10 problem.
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    Has Internet explorer been nobbled ?

    I have IE11 go to home page of in options on start up.
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    Insider Preview Lost Features

    I have reinstalled Windows 10 about 10 times since it came out due to things crashing beyond repair. Even "refreshing" the drive didn't work, it needed a full clean install after formatting hard drive.
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    Has Internet explorer been nobbled ?

    1/ Definitely doesn't work at 2/ If you click on ie11 link and then start typing everything you type is ignored until comes up. It was fine before. 1+2 works ok in Microsoft edge.
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    Intel Skylake Support on Windows 7 & 8.1

    I don't understand peoples opposition to Windows 10. I sell software and I still have to support Windows XP !
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    How do you balance privacy and security

    Buy a good anti virus program. I find Norton quite good. It does fall down when I create my own new programs and try to install them on another machine. I get a false positive and have to white list the program with Norton first. Its a pain because it takes about 2-3 days to go through the...
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    Windows 10 Clean Install of Windows 10

    Microsoft keeps a record of your motherboard ID and uses that when you reinstall windows to allow you to register it. If you change your motherboard then you have to buy a new copy of Windows.
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    Has Internet explorer been nobbled ?

    Just recently IE11 has changed a bit. 1/ Going back to previous page takes you to the top of the page and not where you branched from. 2/ When starting IE11 it now flushes the keyboard buffer before opens meaning anything typed in as it opens is lost.