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    did i trip on a cord?

    if i had been spam-wiped … i woulda' been banned and had my account removed. evidently, i'm no longer welcome here … i voluntarily close my profile. it's been real.
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    did i trip on a cord?

    did i trip on a cord? "aeon-flux" … just rec'd it (the aeon-flux award) after my latest post *** … at same time, seems to have derailed my entire status-quo … everything has been cleared (#posts, likes, avatar, etc.) … almost feels as though i am new member … lol …...
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    Error sending mail with pdf attachments in Live Mail

    windows-live-mail is discontinued software … however, it was the successor to both windows-mail as well as outlook-express . windows-live-mail / menu / accounts / properties / advanced / … uncheck "break apart messages larger than …"
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    Can System Restore in XP recover browser history?

    never mind … my answer was moot … pls disregard.
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    Introduce Yourself.

    happy to have you aboard, lesqld.
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    New Skype is really screwed up!

    i haven't done anything exciting on skype … since the last time i offered you a pointer (theme), mike. what i can suggest … pc-settings / apps / apps-&-features … scroll all the way down … "make windows better (give us feedback)". as of right now … microsoft thinks...
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    How do I create my Homepage?

    and … just in case you are wanting to set up your own homepage for firefox … simply click the "☰" (triple horizontal line) at top-right corner of firefox's browser window … select "options" … click "home" … make your choices.
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    Windows 7 Favorite pc games?

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    Windows 7 Favorite pc games?

    just a heads up (regarding descent) … there's a spin-off labeled "overload" … purportedly already available for play (on steam). seems identical to descent … check out the video below. well … that's all i got … have at it. 'Overload' revives the cramped combat of classic...
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    Windows 10 installation failed

    might be helpful to our community … if you offer just a bit more information: • brand and model • oem (original os) • hardware modified? microsoft's media-creation *.iso file … what did you burn it to? (disk, usb, etc.) as for the pic you shared … i am viewing what...
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    What Song Do You Like or Are You Listening Too?

    Koan - When the Silence is Speaking... (Full Album)
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    Strange happenings in a new Win10 install

    still does not guarantee he is clean. as he proffered earlier in this thread … somethin' to the effect of a certain ransom-file (or backdoor) on one of his data-storage drives. so … let's say he accepts your suggestion … re-formats the boot-drive … thinks he...
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    help!!!windows recognising 2 intel hd gpu???????????

    we appreciate your input, bochane … never take it personally. :fdance:
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    Yahoo Mail Problems

    thanks for keeping us abreast of the issue. just outta' curiosity … did you have both nord and tunnel-bear running at same time? wouldn't they interfere with each other? did you notice a correlation between yahoo-client's inability to connect and one of...
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    Windows 10 Tooltips disappear quickly for every application

    this behavior has been apparent since you purchased the lenovo? try adjusting the speed of your pointing-device (mouse). before doing so … you may wish to create a system-restore point … just in case somethin' goes awry. this is the only card i got in my...