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    How to one-time delete folder without change owner or disable UAC?

    So although my (=the current) user is member of the group of administrators I cannot delete some files? I though "administrator" group users are allowed to do everything. Do I have to add some special permissions (how?) to be able to delete every file and folder (even from other owners)?
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    How to create manually a System Retore Point from cmdline/with 1 click?

    Ok, I can create manually a SRP by navigate with lots of clicks to the Win10 built-in dialog. But I prefer a much simpler way to do this with as few clicks as possible. Is there a built-in cmdline command which let me do that? Something like createsrp.exe -label "my sysrestpoint 123" On...
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    How to one-time delete folder without change owner or disable UAC?

    I copied a folder tree from another computer in LAN onto my local computer. After some work I want to delete this folder tree on my local computer. When I right-click in File Explorer on the top node and select "delete" then a popup tells me: "You need to provide administrator permissions"...
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    How to NTP timesync after Wifi connect (and not at boot time)?

    There are some guides available on how to NTP timesync a Windows system immediately after bootup. Read: on how to connect to Internet NTP-Time servers and synchronize local computer time with timezone time. But what if no internet connection is available at this (boot) time yet? So what I need...
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    Howto create WinPE USB flash drive which remembers shortcuts on desktop?

    There are many guides out there which tell me how to create an WinPE bootable USB flash drive. Unfortunately when I boot from such an USB flash drive later and create e.g. some shortcuts (to additional prgms) on desktop/TaskBar then these shortcuts gets lost after shutdown. This is because the...
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    Can I uninstall "Mail and Calendar", "Store" and "MsOffice Desktop"?

    Can I uninstall (permanently) from my Win10 system: - "Mail and Calendar" (I want to use Thunderbird email client instead) - "Store" and "Wallet" (I never want to install Apps+Programs from MS Store) - "Microsoft.Office.Desktop" (I want to use LibreOffice resp. an older version of MS Office...
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    Uninstall in "Apps & features" = Uninstall through other Win tools?

    When I read Win10 tutorials about uninstallation of previously installed programs then they always refer to the dialog "Apps & features" to uninstall them. I wonder whether it is possible to uninstall the same programs as well with the well known (old) Win7 uninstaller tools like Reve...
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    MS OneDrive Program necessary to run Win10? De-installation?

    As far as I can see MS OneDrive is (oftentimes) pre-installed on Win10 systems. Can I uninstall this "Feature"/Program without affecting Win10? When I setup my Win10 computer I did NOT specify a MS account. I use just local accounts. Peter
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    Find out the max.WiFi protocol 802.11...of current hardware? + MIMO?

    Assume I have got an unknown computer/notebook with installed Windows. The hardware has a WiFi Adapter. How can I find out the maximum possible WiFi protocol 802.11......? To clarify: I don't want to get the WiFi protocol with which the computer is currently connected (to Router (which can...
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    Does Win10 download+install Updates when Login=Welcome screen is up? Updates in battery mode?

    Assume I boot Win10 but do NOT login. So currently the Login=Welcome screen is visible. Does Win10 in this state (auto)search for updates, download and install them? In other words: Is auto-update Win10 user-independent or a user login required? Related question: From Android it is known...
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    ISO images bootable only in Legacy BIOS OR (!) UEFI ? Decision at ISO creation time or at storage on USB flash drive?

    As you known there are many sofwtare tools available which offer not only a setup.exe but an ISO to download. This ISO can either be burned on a CD/DVD or put onto an USB Flash drive. I am NOT talking about Win10 ISO images but other software like (examples): - Gparted GParted -- Live...
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    Boot from USB flash drive only with FAT32 and no multi-boot support?

    I have a (new) Acer Swift notebook which does not allow to switch/enable Legacy BIOS mode. So I can only disable "Secure Boot" and use UEFI. However my bootable, GPT and NTFS formatted USB flash drive is NOT recognized or even bootable. It works on other computers. I read that FAT32 should be...
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    How to force Win10 to update from 1803 to 1903?

    It is rolled out here! Other computers nearby already got it. Is there really no other way than installing with Media Creation tool? When I click on "Check for updates" button in "Windows Updates" dialog I got the answer: "You're up to date" Hmm, I expected at least Win10 release v1809. Is...
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    How to force Win10 to update from 1803 to 1903?

    I have got a new notebook with a pre-installed Win10 Home v1803. This Win10 version updates itself automatically every week.. But I don't want this: I want to decide when I want to update Win10. As far as I read this is only possible from Win10 v1903 onwards. So I decide a one-time update to...