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    How to edit (e.g. name) of a task in built-in Task Scheduler?

    Assume I setup a task in Task Scheduler. It appears in Task Scheduler as active task with the status "Ready". Now I want to edit this task e.g. the name of the task. How can I achive this? If I mark e.g. the task in task list or double click on it then I still can not edit the entry...
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    Searching tool to execute a prgm after certain time of incativity?

    Ok, thank you. That in turn means that I cannot run assigned program immediately since in the drop down of "Start the task only if the computer is idle" there is no "0 minutes". The smallest value is 1 minute. Correct?
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    Searching tool to execute a prgm after certain time of incativity?

    When I go to the "conditions" tab of the built-in Task Scheduler then there are two drop down entries: Start the task only if the computer is idle for: 15 minutes Wait for idle for: 1 hour What is the difference between the two? They seems to be equal to me
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    Searching tool to execute a prgm after certain time of incativity?

    I am searching a tool which let me define - a certain time of inactivity (e.g. 30 minutes) with no keypress or mouse movements and - another program (or batch script) (with parameters) which is automatically executed after this time of inactivity. Can soemone give me a recommendation for such...
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    How to download Win10 ISO WITH (!) included cumulative updates? Inject updates into ISO?

    Normally users perform the following procedure for Win10: download Win10 base package ISO directly install this Win10 base package ISO download the cumulative update apply this cumulative update onto the already installed base version I wonder whether there is a way to download an ISO WITH (!)...
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    How to setup default View in WinExplorer from Media--->General?

    At first I connect a SmartPhone through USB cable to my WinDesktop computer and open a directory on this SmartPhone in my local Windows Explorer. The default view is (presumably) "Media View". Right side of WinExplorer shows columns like Artist, Track number, Type" although I am browsing a pure...
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    How to change BootManager entry for USB Flash Drive?

    I have a couple of USB Flash Drives which contain different bootable systems. When I plugin the USB falsh drives into the USB ports of my mainboard, boot my computer and let BootManager show up then they all appears as "Sandisk Cruzer" So it is difficult to distinguish between them. Is...
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    Download ISOs for Win10 Eval v1803 (32+64bit) WITHOUT registration?

    Thank you but your link does NOT provide direct link to ISO just to Media Creation Tool which I don't want. Any other ideas?
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    Download ISOs for Win10 Eval v1803 (32+64bit) WITHOUT registration?

    In the past there were download pages resp. links for Win10 EVAL versions of 32+64bit which do NOT require registration. I can't find them any more. I am interested in download the ISOs for April build 1803 (=NOT the newest one) Does someone know such webpages (or direct links) which allow...
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    How to get the date of the last Windows Update?

    Assume I am sitting in front of a Win7 computer (of a buddy). How do I get the date(s) of the last update installed for this Win 7 system? Be aware that there might be TWO different dates: - The date when the last update was installed through official, built-in (automatic) Update from Windows...
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    Exactly which Updates KB...... are responsible for Spectre & Meltdown?

    Does someone know and tell me the list of Win 7 Updates KB...... which are responsible for fixing Spectre & Meltdown (from the Windows side (not by BIOS-fimware updates))? May be there is a comprehensive list published in Internet? My intention is NOT to install these patches, but on the...
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    How to set file associations for portable program?

    Assume I run a program from USB flash drive or network drive. It is not installed on the local Win 7 computer but it works. Hence when I go to menu START--->Control Panel--->Programs--->Default programs this program is NOT listed there as a possible application. So it cannot be defined as a...
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    How to find out which Spectre (NG) & Meltdown updates are locally installed?

    Assume I updated oocasionally my Win 7 system. How can I find out which of the many Win 7 Spectre, Meltdown and Spectre NG updates are currently locally installed? Peter
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    How to hide all windows at once = show desktop with icons only?

    Assume I have multiple windows open (browser, WinExplorer, Word,...). Is there a way to hide all these windows at once to show only desktop, then double click on one of the icons on desktop to start another prgm and finally re-show the previously hidden windows again? Peter