Switch to and send requests with IPv6: check compatibility?


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Assume I am sitting in a hotel and want to connect from my local Win10 notebook to a remote web server.
The connection should not be "normal" IPv4 but IPv6. The remote web server speaks IPv6. Some questions:

1.) Is Win10 out-of-the box able to use IPv6 or do I have to activate it at first (Where?) in WinOS?

2.) How do I find out if the Wifi router is able and willing to accept IPv6 request?
Is trial and error the only way?

3.) How do I setup an IPv6 connection to this WiFi router?
All browser traffic should now run over IPv6

4.) Is setting up an IPv6 connection an all-or-nothing decision?
Or can I run e.g. web traffic from local Firefox browser through IPv6 and web traffic from local Chrome browser through IPv4?



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1. Yes Windows supports IPv6 by default
2. Most people/companies don't implement IPv6 or supplimental services such as DHCPv6 or DNS for IPv6
3. IP and IPv6 are for routing traffic over the internet and have nothing to do with connections and an application needs to support it
4. Overall IPv6 isn't really used that much at all and there isn't a strong need to implement it