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    Keyboard Problem

    Have not had the problem since I uninstalled KeyScrambler.
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    Keyboard Problem

    I have an intermittent problem with the keyboard on my HP Pavilion laptop. More and more frequently the letters and numbers which appear are if they are encrypted. The gibberish seems to appear only in browsers and the Windows search box. There seems to be nothing I can do...
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    Wireless "Unavailable"

    Helping a friend with a HP Pavilion G 6 laptop. Wireless is turned on and off with the F12 button which displays a red light when off and a white light when on. Wireless should toggle on and off by touching this button. It does not. With or without use of the FN key at the bottom of the...
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    Num Lock Does Not Work

    Here's the answer to my problem: Control Panel>Ease of Access>Change How Your Keyboard Works>Control The Mouse With The Keyboard> UNCHECK THIS BOX. I don't remember or why or even if I checked the box but my girlfriend sat down with me today and we stumbled on that as the solution. Now my...
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    Num Lock Does Not Work

    Yes, I can tell when it is ON. No light tho. As I said, when it is on the / and * work.
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    Num Lock Does Not Work

    UPDATE: I use this laptop with a wireless keyboard. Problems with number pad are same on both keyboards. Tried On Screen seems to work fine. Hope this helps.
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    Num Lock Does Not Work

    I have a Pavilion dv-6 2155dx laptop. Windows 7. It's worked fine until recently. I have rebooted many times No change. The ON/OFF bell seems to work ok but the number pad does not work correctly. It does "strange" things now. Some keys do "something" and others do not as follows: /...
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    Unable to uninstall Faceboo

    Have been having problems with Facebook so decided to uninstall. I am unable to locate either Facebook or the "Facebook Plugin" which Facebook Help tells me to look for. I go to Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall Program butthere is nothing there relating to Facebook. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Download File

    I'm having a problem locating my DOwnload Manager. When I download a file the Download box pops up with the file visible. If I try to minimize this box it disappears rather than going to the taskbar where other minimized programs go. When I search for "Downloads" all I get is "Audible...