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    I'm having some latency problems.

    have ya'll tried "ASIO4ALL" - generic drivers that really help with latency. Also an interface is helpful - do you use any interface? I have a Boss GS-10 (USB) and a Presonus INSPIRE (firewire) and both work flawlessly on my Windows 7 laptop and my Mac G5. I record a lot using Logic Studio 9...
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    Worth upgrading from 32 to 64 bit?

    My "new" Acer laptop (dual-core Intel 2 ghz.) came with 2 gigs - runs 32-bit Win 7 beautifully... Would I benefit with 64-bit Windows? I am going to add another 2-gigs in the next month or 2 but right now would it be faster than the x86 version with the 2-gigs in it? I just added a 1...
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    M$ vs Hackers

    sounds like that Trojan Horse story 'eh? :D
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    Snow Leopard and Windows 7 take the battle to the wallpaper arena (

    download em here: Link Removed - Invalid URL
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    Which version did you install? 32 or 64

    32-bit here - I was under the assumption that since my new laptop came with 2-gigs of Ram I was supposed to go 32-bit? Heard otherwise in this forum - but will soon have 2 more gigs. I do a lot of recording (guitar, Bass, KB, etc.) and 32-bit seems fine so far + I wanted FULL COMPATIBILITY...
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    What's the BEST Windows BACKUP Software

    I have my new Vista laptop with Windows 7 (32-bit) on a seperate partition. Just bought 2 new external 1 Terrabyte drives (USB 2.0) for backups, etc. One is going on my Mac G5 and one is for my laptop. I'm normally a Mac user so I'm not sure about this Windows backup stuff. If I want to...
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    How good is Windows 7

    Cerberus - yeah I was always an Intel kinda guy - my laptop has dual-core INTEL in it too. So I can actually install OS X 'eh? I've heard of it being done but was never sure if it actually worked or not. Since I also have real Macs I didn't experiment with it when I got my laptop a few months...
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    How good is Windows 7

    hehe - all my posts raving about Win 7 in the Mac forums I frequent (including Apple's too) are gonna get me banned... I won't stop though - this is a great OS. I'm running "Leopard" (newest) on my G5 systems and I thought it couldn't be beat but Microsoft should get a Medal for 7. Recording...
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    How good is Windows 7

    I'm a die-hard Mac kinda guy who bought a new killer Vista laptop a couple months ago and installed Win 7 on a separate partition. I used to HATE Windows... Vista was kinda cool but Win 7 RULZ! I'm in Love with Win 7 - haven't even used my Macs for weeks now - actually set up my laptop for...
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    Recording in Windows 7 is a JOY!

    I spend a lot of time recording (Guitar, Keyboard, etc) and have been a Die-Hard Mac User for years. My new dual-core Vista laptop was a disappointment recording wise (too many issues with latency and speed), most of the Windows recording guys told me to install Win XP as it's faster. I...
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    windows 7 back to vista

    As a Die-hard Mac user I thought I'd never go back to Windows ever again. I stopped the Windows thing back in the ME days and have been running OS X for years. I recently bought a new Vista laptop for my wife to use to "surf" (she's an Ebay nut) while laying in bed. I installed Windows 7 on a...