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    Win 7 repair disc

    It will most likely work. Press Start and type "repair". Then you will see it.
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    Where do I find Audio settings in Windows 7 Home?

    If you right click on the speaker icon in the task tray (bottom right of your screen), you will find the settings.
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    window 7 install problem

    You are probably out of luck. On some Windows 8 systems you cannot change the uefi settings and then you cannot install a legacy OS. A workaround is to install Windows 7 with VMware Player running in Windows 8.
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    Windows install question

    Even with an upgrade, you can make a clean install. See here: And if it is a full installation disc, there should be no problem at all. :
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    Insider Preview Performance comparison 8.1 and 10

    I compared the boot times as measured in Event 100 of the event viewer. The Windows 10 boot was twice as long as Windows 8.1 in a completely identical environment (50.3 sec versus 23.5 sec)
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    Question on Windows 7 Backup Options, please

    For data, sync programs are also a good option - e.g. Allway Sync.
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    Lost File - CCleaner Says "Missing MUI Reference"

    If it is so impotant, you better make frequent backups. And next time you lose a file, you can also recover it from the restore points. That's also why restore points are so important.
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    How speed up W7 by shutting off Services?

    If you want a really nice Linux distro, use Mint Mate. Here is a video demo that I made to give you an idea. That one is running from a USB stick, but it looks the same when installed. I have a tutorial to install it on a stick - if you want to try that first. The installation on the internal...
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    OK! A weird issue with recordig videos!

    Use the Microsoft Expression Encoder 4. It produces very high quality videos and is free. Here is a tutorial on how to use it that I had made a long time ago.
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    Free Space

    Freespace you cannot add to anything. You need 'unallocated space'. Right click on that freespace and delete partition. Then do what was said above.
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    I want to do a fresh install, can't find an ISO download.

    It does not really matter what you think. You are stuck with your OEM disc. There are no more Windows 7 isos for download or even for sale - unless you want to venture into Ebay.
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    Can I Reimage with Windows 7

    Why don't you image your Windows 8 system with elevated command prompt. The command is: wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:X: -include:C: -AllCritical -quiet Where X is the drive letter of the partition to where you want to place the image. Recovery is started with the W8/8.1 installation disc.
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    Hard Drive Size?

    The SSD is definitely not the cause. Try different browsers.
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    How speed up W7 by shutting off Services?

    Playing with the services is not going to help. All you end up with is a bricked system. Apart from the usual cleanup tasks there is little you can do. Netbooks have slow Atom processors and slow disks. If you can replace the disk with a SSD, you would get a big performance boost for the system...
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    Need a software to capture screen on Windows 8

    Update: the Microsoft Expression Recorder 4 is free now. Microsoft no more charges a fee. That is probably one of the best recorder you can find if you want quality output..It is not fancy, but efficient. If you want to try it, Here is a little tutorial I made to get you started...