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  1. K

    E drive deleted and not found

    So my E drive had a lot of important things and all of a sudden it was deleted, it contained my account inside so I am now stuck in my Admin account. Is there any way to help me get my drive back? It is a hard drive. Please help me
  2. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Opening an Elevated Application

    Ever since the release of Windows Vista you have more than likely run across the phrases "Run program x as administrator" or Run program z elevated" or at the very least have seen a pop-up very similar to this . User Account Control or UAC is a security feature designed to help prevent malicious...
  3. C

    Windows 10 No admin account at all! Only guest, please help

    Hi there Ok so my friend was messing about with my laptop and as a joke locked me out of my account basically changed it from a admin account to a guest account by creating some hidden admin account that doesn't exist by some weird process. Now she can't remember what she did and I only have...
  4. O

    Windows 8 I am admin and has no rights and can't even install or open programs !

    I have no right to access anything and i meant it , nothing at all i can do , i can't start a program or install a program , i entered the safe mode and from the cmd i created another user because it cant be created if the windows started normally , and in the new user the same problems exist ...
  5. D

    Windows 7 Can't access my C: Drive and lost my administrative rights.

    I was changing my security settings on my C: Drive and somehow it thought I clicked DENY... Now I can't open my Local C: Drive and somehow I lost my admin rights too. I tried enabling the secret Administrator, and it still says Access Denied. I also tried system restore, but it says I don't have...
  6. I

    Windows 10 'Run as administrator' results in error

    I'm facing a new problem with my computer today. There is a file on my desktop. I can double click it to run it normally. No problems at all. However when I run the file as administrator (right click file -> Run as administrator) I receive the following error message: "Windows cannot access...