1. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Opening an Elevated Application

    Ever since the release of Windows Vista you have more than likely run across the phrases "Run program x as administrator" or Run program z elevated" or at the very least have seen a pop-up very similar to this . User Account Control or UAC is a security feature designed to help prevent malicious...
  2. C

    Windows 10 No admin account at all! Only guest, please help

    Hi there Ok so my friend was messing about with my laptop and as a joke locked me out of my account basically changed it from a admin account to a guest account by creating some hidden admin account that doesn't exist by some weird process. Now she can't remember what she did and I only have...
  3. O

    Windows 8 I am admin and has no rights and can't even install or open programs !

    I have no right to access anything and i meant it , nothing at all i can do , i can't start a program or install a program , i entered the safe mode and from the cmd i created another user because it cant be created if the windows started normally , and in the new user the same problems exist ...
  4. D

    Windows 7 Can't access my C: Drive and lost my administrative rights.

    I was changing my security settings on my C: Drive and somehow it thought I clicked DENY... Now I can't open my Local C: Drive and somehow I lost my admin rights too. I tried enabling the secret Administrator, and it still says Access Denied. I also tried system restore, but it says I don't have...
  5. I

    Windows 10 'Run as administrator' results in error

    I'm facing a new problem with my computer today. There is a file on my desktop. I can double click it to run it normally. No problems at all. However when I run the file as administrator (right click file -> Run as administrator) I receive the following error message: "Windows cannot access...
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