'Run as administrator' results in error

I'm facing a new problem with my computer today.

There is a file on my desktop. I can double click it to run it normally. No problems at all.

However when I run the file as administrator (right click file -> Run as administrator) I receive the following error message: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

I tried searching on google, and have found much, but none of the solutions worked. Also, the problems I found were not caused by "Run as admin"; I couldn't find anything like what I'm experiencing. Again, the file runs perfectly fine when it is opened normally, however when I run it as admin, the error pops up and the file does not run.

My operating system is Windows 10 Home. Any help is appreciated!


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Are you logged on as an Administrator? Does the File belong to someone else? What is the Application?


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Does the file point to a network location?

I am logged in as an Administrator (went to control panel -> user accounts, underneath my logged in account it says Administrator).

The file belongs to me (right clicked file -> properties -> security -> advanced, next to "Owner: " is my account name).

The file is an AutoHotkey (.ahk) file that is supposed to run an automatic keyboard script. I need to run it as Admin because what I'm using it for is game-related, and apparently you need to run as admin for it to work in some games.

The file, as far as I know, does not point to anywhere? It is not a shortcut, just a file on the desktop that I created.


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just a file on the desktop
basic administrator does not have permission to go to another accounts desktop...
move the file off the desktop and than have a shortcut (on the desk top) pointing to the file.

I tried putting it in various locations such as my C drive, Documents folder, Downloads folder, and somewhere in my User account folder, but the same problem persists wherever the file is.

Also, I think my computer only has one active account. I'm the only one who uses it. The files on my desktop are stored within my user account (C:\Users\Me\Desktop). There are several other folders in C:\Users, such as an invisible folder named Default, a folder named Public, and a few that have to do with "postgres" (which I don't think is related to the issue).

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