Windows 8 I am admin and has no rights and can't even install or open programs !


Jul 22, 2016
I have no right to access anything and i meant it , nothing at all i can do , i can't start a program or install a program , i entered the safe mode and from the cmd i created another user because it cant be created if the windows started normally , and in the new user the same problems exist ! , i entered the recovery to earse everything , it tells me can not be reset , nothing in the recovery work ,my windows version is genuine and i dont know what to do please help i am really disappointed..

if you open the control panel and look under 'User Accounts' for 'Change Account type' you will see what kind of account you have, either standard or Administrator.
Some recommend that only standard accounts are created as it's better for security which is fine until you want to install something..

If your account is standard then it should be quite simple to change to administrator.
How to make an Administrator user account in Windows 8

No its adminstrator , and i still have no access for anything as i can't run any program needs admin permission or install anything , and as i told the account is adminstrator

Generally running applications does not require administrative rights. This sounds like a malware infection. If the permissions are all messed up from an infection cleaning the system probably won't resolve the issue and you may need to re-install Windows.


Have you run Malwarebytes to see if it finds anything?
This does sound like malware to me.

You should be able to run Malwarebytes from a flashdrive created on another computer, in safe mode.

If that can't be done then I'd say that Neemobeer is right and you'll have to reinstall.

Since you can't do it from within Windows, look at the Using the media creation tool option, using a DVD or USB.

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If you need to get data off of the computer first, you can make a Ubuntu disk, boot from that and copy your stuff to another drive of DVDs.