1. Creapath

    Windows 10 Tutorial how to comment, and change the text font, size and color in Adobe Acrobat

    This Tutorial video shows how to comment in three different method and how to change the text font, size and color in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
  2. Creapath

    Windows 10 How to create your own digital signature in Adobe Acrobat PDF (easy steps)

    This tutorial video shows (in easy steps) how to create your own digital signature in Adobe Acrobat PDF
  3. ussnorway

    Windows 10 workaround to get Adobe Stock working with Adobe Dimension

    if you have work to do and Adobe sync server is offline i.e, the files in your cc library refuse to sync then bypass the server and download what you need to your local system
  4. TrinnicoleMusu

    Non-Continous PDF Page Editing

    Anyoneknow of a PDF editor that allows for non-continous page replacement? None of the software I tried have it- Adobe Acrobat DC, and all similar alternates, insist on continuous page replacement, doesn't allow me to skip pages.
  5. Screenshot (1233).png

    Screenshot (1233).png

    image hosting server default error message
  6. ussnorway

    Windows 10 "how to" make custom 3d characters and send them to Mixamo for rigging

  7. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Adobe Premiere pro blocked windows task bar

    so Windows users know that Adobe like Mac and Windows doesn't always make a good fit for their software... in this case the task bar covers your options so you can't click it it doesn't matter what your screen rez is set to because Adobe will help by auto moving the ui to 'fit' the space... so...
  8. ussnorway

    Undocumented Adobe Muse error

    If you post a lot of temp web sites on Adobe businesscatalyst like I do then you may run into this error when you try to publish from Muse... As the error indicates there is indeed a limit to the amount of sites you can have on your account but don't bother asking Adobe about it or looking for...
  9. ussnorway

    Adobe Felix

    people that like Photoshop, Iclone and Fuse may want to have a look at the new Adobe Felix software... early days yet but I'm having fun
  10. ussnorway

    getting Fuse animation and characters into iclone 6

    These two show you how to load Adobe Fuse characters and Mixamo Animations into iclone 6... tested! Windows; in the second tutorial it states that you can load a preset T-pose onto your character and this will NOT work on windows systems unless the 3dXchange program is "run as admin"... a...
  11. ussnorway

    Windows 8.1 The joy of using Adobe Lightroom

    When you open lightroom for the first time you get a "helpful" video to watch... if you want it or not because there is no off button. work around; on a windows machine you can press the [esc] key to kill the opening video and get on with your work. Of course the next thing that happens is...
  12. ussnorway

    Days are numbered for Adobe flash?

    FF has set a date to start blocking Flash... I'm not sad to see it go but its still got a year to run. ref; Firefox to start blocking Flash content in August
  13. ussnorway

    Adobe Fuse

    Adobe has purchased Fuse and its now a free demo (Adobe id needed but thats just an email)... you may want to play with it? p.s, sorry about the low rez but I had to drop it down to keep Vimeo happy.
  14. I

    Windows 10 Recovering Deleted Data

    I made 5 audio tracks with my friend the other day and they've been permanently deleted by accidentally clicking undo, undo, undo, undo, undo, new folder on the desktop where I saved them. I used software called recuva which lets you go back to recover permanently deleted files but it only...
  15. ussnorway

    Adobe update app: settings

    The Adobe update app has been having problems... they have it under control and do a good job but you may find your app asking you to install programs that you already have eg, If this happens to you first check your language/ default location to make sure you have them set to the same thing as...
  16. Adobe Photostop CC 2015 Content Aware Move Tool Tutorial - YouTube

    Adobe Photostop CC 2015 Content Aware Move Tool Tutorial - YouTube

    This is a very simple tutorial on the new Content Aware Move Tool found in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. Photo provided was taken by Ales Krivec and found using t...