bsod windows 7

  1. HalfonE

    Windows 7 Windows 7 BSOD

    Hi to all, It's about one month that, in an apparently random way, I obtain the BSOD some minutes after I turn the pc on. The last time happened this morning; I have also the crash.dmp file produced by the crash. How can i analyze the .dmp file to find the BSOD cause? It is safe to attach the...
  2. K


    Hi, I have been having a bad pool header bsod lately. I have been trying the process of elimination to find out why but no luck yet. So here is the crash dump file hoping some with more knowledge than me to help analyze it. Thank you
  3. Billy0815

    Windows 7 Bluescreens since new PC Build (Win7)

    Hello, I'm getting BSOD since I build a computer in august. It was built with factory new parts but I'm aware that a hardware problem is possible too. I tried many "solutions" and reinstalled windows a dozens of time. But I guees the current status of my PC is withdrawable from the attached...