1. Neemobeer

    Add File Templates to the 'New' Menu in the Context Menu

    In this tutorial I will be showing how to add new file types to the 'New' submenu on the context menu. The context menu, if you're not familiar with it, is the menu that shows up when you right click on an empty area on the desktop or within the file explorer. Context Menu...
  2. C

    Adding animations on desktop (not bg)

    I would like to know if there is a way to make images/animations/videos show up on screen, overlapping windows. Basically, what iStripper does (but customizable and less nudity lol). Not a background, not a window, just the image. I found this furrysoft: DeskFun but apparently there is only a...
  3. How to Run Start Screen Apps in Desktop Windows (ModernMix)

    How to Run Start Screen Apps in Desktop Windows (ModernMix)

    Modern UI can be a challenging transformation for Windows 8 users. Windows customers familiar with the desktop may find the prospect of the Modern UI software useful in this scenario. This demonstration shows how the ModernMix software from Stardock allows you to simply run Modern UI (Start...