How to Run Start Screen Apps in Desktop Windows (ModernMix)

Modern UI can be a challenging transformation for Windows 8 users. Windows customers familiar with the desktop may find the prospect of the Modern UI software useful in this scenario. This demonstration shows how the ModernMix software from Stardock allows you to simply run Modern UI (Start Screen) applications as windowed programs on the Windows 8 desktop.

Hello. This is Mike from WindowsForum.com. You may be used to the Start Screen in Windows 8, and many people are. However, most people, while they have become aware of free solutions that allow you to replace the Start Menu, are not aware of a program that will allow you to run Modern UI applications, or "apps", within the desktop environment. Many people require this so that they do not have to enter the Start Screen. Many people are not yet on new human interface devices like Start Screens (touch screen), and some people simply do not like the interface of the Start Screen. Now this program, just like Start8, it is from Stardock and it will be compatible with Windows 8.1, which is the update coming out in October.

Now, you may be wondering what I'm talking about here. Let me give you an example. If I go to the Start Screen, I can open an app, like Kindle, and all of a sudden, you can now use the scroll on your mouse and look at your app within a window. There is very little lag and when I'm doing this there are some options here that I can use to go ahead and change the format and go into a full screen format.

So, again, for example, if I want to check the weather where I live, I can just pin any Modern UI app to the desktop, and click on the weather icon, and I can find the weather anywhere that I want, and I'm still in a window. This is very useful, because some people, many people, including Lenovo, which is a major company (hardware company anyway), they're building their own Start Menu. This is recent news. Because people are tired of not having this Start Menu. But there's going to be more apps for Windows 8. And these apps are going to be full screen. You're going to have to run them like cascading within the (Start Screen) environment here, where you have one app here, one app there, you know, across the screen, and it's not really a windowed interface.

So people who are still accustomed to, and use the desktop for productivity, and even entertainment purposes, will find this valuable. I just wanted to share this with you, its called ModernMix. It is a free download. This is not a software endorsement. When you go ahead and look at it you will find that, yes, you will have to eventually buy it, it is a trial. But I have found it to be extremely useful, so if you want to check something as simple as the weather, you don't have a problem constantly having to go to the Start Screen.

This is obviously a very hot button topic with certain people. They get very upset when you tell them you don't like the Start Screen, but whatever. Your operating system is something where you should have the creative choice of how you want to interact with it. So that is the interaction that this gives you. This is a Windows 8 environment. Obviously again it works in Windows 8.1.

Hopefully you'll visit us at http://windowsforum.com. We've obviously moved if you've been watching us over the last couple of years. And thanks for watching this video.
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