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start screen

  1. Y

    Windows 10 Poor Start Screen Design. No option for 4 Columns on Start Screen?

    I'm very disappointed in the customization options in Windows 8-10. Firstly, users have to use third-party software to post their own tiles.. which is like using third-party software to make the modern equivalent of icons and shortcuts. No wonder normal users never liked the Start Screen which...
  2. Sp3ctre18

    Windows 8 Windows 8 Start Screen - natural function explained please?

    I figured I'd post here instead of Help and Support since I see that more as technical support, but I understand if this needs to be moved. When a feature looks messy and incomprehensible to me, I just don't use it if I have no real need, so I haven't used the Start screen AT ALL - I just go...
  3. How to Run Start Screen Apps in Desktop Windows (ModernMix)

    How to Run Start Screen Apps in Desktop Windows (ModernMix)

    Modern UI can be a challenging transformation for Windows 8 users. Windows customers familiar with the desktop may find the prospect of the Modern UI software useful in this scenario. This demonstration shows how the ModernMix software from Stardock allows you to simply run Modern UI ...