Windows 8 Start Screen - natural function explained please?


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I figured I'd post here instead of Help and Support since I see that more as technical support, but I understand if this needs to be moved.

When a feature looks messy and incomprehensible to me, I just don't use it if I have no real need, so I haven't used the Start screen AT ALL - I just go there for search. However, I get how it's meant to serve, and see the potential for my customizing it as the quick launcher I believe it's meant to be.

So what I'd really like to know first is, how EXACTLY does it work right now? I can't find in depth information about it.

The first 2 columns are standard, then another column of manufacturer apps (in my case, VAIO apps).

Then, apparently unorganized, unnamed, haphazard columns of anywhere from TWO to 24 random applications AND non-applications like help files or website links. MAYBE the groups are programs installed at about same time.

Finally, the most random column: Food and Health live tiles, reading app and PC settings, OneNote, and documents and pictures. I see no logic to this arrangement. I'm in my documents and pictures every day. I've never opened OneNote.

I do want to understand its function mainly for my own understanding, but it'll also let me know what to expect once I start editing my Start screen - will future installs or something ruin my customizations or will things only get added at the end?


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Thanks, I've seen it already, but it doesn't answer "how EXACTLY does it work right now?" which was my question.


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Start screen - will future installs or something ruin my customizations or will things only get added at the end?
They get added onto the end... this is installs and updates that change the exe so for example;
installing a new game app from the store will add it to the end of the list... then you run the Adobe updates and get the lastest Dreamweaver cc 2015, this also gets added to the end of your list

You can sort by date... and I recommend this, or by name or by size and you can always move them into a different order by hand as they are just the default options. Kemical has already posted a very good "how to" for doing this "move tiles by hand option" so I see no point in reinventing the wheel mate.