Adding animations on desktop (not bg)


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I would like to know if there is a way to make images/animations/videos show up on screen, overlapping windows. Basically, what iStripper does (but customizable and less nudity lol). Not a background, not a window, just the image.

I found this furrysoft: DeskFun but apparently there is only a Mac version.

Also, back in old windows versions, it was possible to add gifs, thats kinda what I want but for win10
What you need is Splinter.



Extinguished Edition Splinter

Atlantis Edition Splinter


Image Tutorial

Some splinterface downloads

Atlantis Edition Splinter
Atlantis Editiion Splinter SPLINTERFACE DOWNLOAD

Poor Shunned Edition Splinter - RainMeter to Splinter port
Poor Shunned Edition Splinter RM to Splinter port

Splinter installer (run first)

Splinter Portable update (drag all files into splinter install directory overwriting originals. The update enables scaling for all resolutions)