Windows 10 Help configuring Win10 to view multiple webcams


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I have been struggling to resolve an issue I am having attempting to view two Logitech webcams simultaneously on my Dell XPS13 9350 laptop when connected to a 4-port USB-A hub. Problem is I can only view one camera at a time when both cameras are plugged to the hub. However, if I plug one camera to the hub and the second directly into a USB port on the laptop it works fine – but for various reasons I’d much rather not do that.

I believe this is a Windows 10 issue. I have two XPS13 machines configured very similarly. The only difference I am aware of is one is an i5 processor, the other an i7 (i.e., same video, hard drive, memory, OS version, etc.).

When I run the cameras on the i5 thru the 4-port hub all works perfectly. As a test, I “cloned” the i5 machine to an external USB drive. I then connected the external drive to the i7 and configure it to boot from the external drive – all cameras worked perfectly. So I know it’s not a hardware issue but presumably an OS issue.

I next performed a Windows reset on the i7 machine reinstalling Win10 but leaving all programs and files intact. The machine rebooted and the reinstall “appeared” to be OKAY. However, I could still only view one camera through the USB hub at a time. Apparently the “reset” didn’t work.

My question if you please – what Win10 setting could possibly be causing this? I really don’t want to do a complete Windows 10 reinstall if possible as you can imagine this would be very invasive. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Steve K.