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drive not recognised

  1. K

    E drive deleted and not found

    So my E drive had a lot of important things and all of a sudden it was deleted, it contained my account inside so I am now stuck in my Admin account. Is there any way to help me get my drive back? It is a hard drive. Please help me
  2. L

    Windows 10 Mac drives on Windows machine

    I just got a job that involves 6tb mac formatted hard drives, in order to read those disks on my windows 10 OS I got the HFS paragon software. I plugged the drives and for a couple of days everting was working property, but this morning when I start up the computer, a Z840 HP by the way, two of...
  3. D

    Windows 10 Restore help needed

    Hi I have a pic that had the dreaded Zepto virus I have removed that and I thought I was doing well as I had backed up my files to an external drive however here is where the problem is I can view the files in control panel and in the one that shows the file changes and all the files are there...