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Aug 3, 2016
Hi I have a pic that had the dreaded Zepto virus I have removed that and I thought I was doing well as I had backed up my files to an external drive however here is where the problem is I can view the files in control panel and in the one that shows the file changes and all the files are there with no Zepto showing however when I click on a date it keeps saying that my external drive is nit connected . However it is connected as I can see the drive so I am unable to restore the files
Is there any other way of getting the files back ? As I need to get the files back on thenpc but I have run out of ideas as I said I can see the files but if I click on one it says that the file was copied to the external drive but then it says it's not connected when it is could really do with some help in retrieving the files

Thanks in advance
I was using the Windows system it's just strange where I can see the files and they look fine on the system but it says the drive isn't connected when it is and I can see the drive

Just wondered if there was some way of taking the files that look ok in the file restore bit and put them onto another drive or something but don't no where to start
It sounds like that drive was plugged into your PC or laptop when you got hit by the virus.:headache: Ransomware viruses will encrypt ALL connected storage drives physically connected to your PC or laptop, and ask you for money in order to unlock the files on those drives as well as the main drive.o_O Do you recall seeing a pop-up box with a phone number or any kind of message asking you to pay to get access to your files again?

The Windows backup system is not reliable in my opinion, and several of us professionals here do not trust nor use it.:noway:

I would suggest that you remove that external drive (USB?) from your computer and set it aside for professional data recovery. You will then need to pay attention to the computer itself. Can you access files on the internal hard drive in your computer using File Explorer in windows? (you mention accessing your files via Control Panel, and that program will not let you do that; so I think you were talking about the W10 File Explorer file management program).

If you cannot access files on your internal hard drive, then most likely you didn't remove the virus properly, or the removal process permanently damaged your windows. :waah: Once you post back the answer to this question, we can give you suggestions to repair it. Certainly, you'd want to pay a visit to our Windows Security forum and get more help on disinfecting your computer.

If you can access files on your internal hard drive ok, then you may have simply experience a coincidental hard drive failure on that external drive. You can attempt DIY data recovery on your own, but if you've never done it before or at not experienced at doing so, you should seek the help of a professional computer Tech at your local repair shop and pay him to get whatever you can off of that drive. The Tech will usually provide you your files on backup DVD discs, a flash drive, or another new replacement hard drive. You can then re-attach your backup media to your disinfected computer and access your files or copy them back over to your computer.

**CAUTION**: If you make attempts to run data recovery on a ransomware encrypted drive, you can scramble your data beyond any kind of local recovery Tech's ability to fix and it will have to be sent out to very very expensive professional data recovery. FYI.

Let us know some answers and we'll advise you further.

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HI Yes if i go into windows 10 file explorer in control panel and pick a date i can see all the files and they are not showng the dreeded zepto bit i thought i would be able to click on a date and then click the green button and it would restore the files, but what i get is it shows the date i pick the date and then click the green button it then goes through looking for files and shows the gig etc with a little graph box, but then says the f drive is not connected? but it is connected as it shows up as a drive and i can view it and access it no problem i just cant restore the files.also if i click on one of the files in the date bit it says no preview avaliable as this file has been copied to the F drive?

Mcafee sorted out the virus as one of there tech people did it not sure if any of this is helpful but just need to get the files back and as i can see them i thought this would be an easy thing but proving to be that this isnt the case so any of your expert help would be appreciated
Re-read my post. You didn't answer my questions at all about whether you can access internal files on your C: bootdrive (where windows lives) or not. Also, I don't know what you're talking about accessing W10 file explorer in control panel. W10 file explore is access from the Start button or via windows-logo-key+E keyboard shortcut or other method, not the way you've described at all. We'd need for you to capture a screenshot using the built-in W10 snipping tool app and post it back here to this thread so we can see what you are talking about. You can also use a Smartphone camera, take a snap, and upload it back here to this thread via the "upload a file"button on the lower right in the new message box to the right of the "Post Reply" button.

You need to separate that external usb drive from your internal C: bootdrive by disconnecting it from your computer and testing the internal drive to make sure that it can access files properly via W10 file explorer. If it can't you could have virus damage from McAfee removing the virus from your computer. That often can extend to the external drive as well. Did you have the external drive plugged into your computer while McAfee remoted into your computer to fix it? Even so, they don't always realize you have external storage plugged in while performing a virus repair.

That's why I said to test your computer WITHOUT that external drive plugged in first to see if your computer is operating normally. Can you open a browser and connect to the Internet? Do other programs open upon launch normally such as Adobe Reader & Microsoft Office? Do you see where I'm going here? If your inernal drive isn't accessing files and pictures normally, then you'll have to run Windows repair utilities and possibly reset or reinstall windows completely to solve the problem.

You could take that external drive with your important photo to another different computer and plug it in and try to retrieve the photo view E-mail, Cloud, or USB drive. However, if that's a friend's, family-member's, or co-worke'r's computer you run the risk of transmitting your Zepto virus to that computer as well. That's why I suggested you not try to do your own data recovery on that file, but rather take it to a licensed Computer Tech who can safely remove it (if possible), and get that file recovered along with other stuff on that drive you need back but didn't backup elsewhere. You can do whatever you want, it's your computer, but you should really attempt to follow our directions, rather than ignore them and ask for help on the same issue again.

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